WBB - Season 21-22

Coaches need to understand that their players talk. The environment in the wbb locker room is toxic. Coach TT has created a culture of favoritism, intimidation, and unapproachable dysfunction. Unfortunately that approach will not win games, as the basketball court strategy remains the same as last year.

The Tina Thompson hire was a really bad start to Carla Williams tenure here. Gives me no confidence she could hire a good replacement for Bronco or Tony whenever they call it quits/move on.

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Wow! That doesn’t sound good!

The Tina Thompson hire has not worked out at all, there’s no way around that. And with COVID and funding issues it’s created the perfect storm to allow her to stick around longer than she should. I’m far from pointing the finger on the entire Carla Williams administration based off that hire, and comparing that hire that situation to Bronco or CTB leaving is a bit too much apples v. oranges for me.

Women’s basketball on the whole is difficult to make strong hires, esp if a school has lost touch with their base. There’s obviously a lot of coaching talent that has come out of the Virginia tree, but due to past administrations mistakes those bridges have been burned. If Carla or anyone can find a way to mend some of those broken bridges it will go a long way to putting the program back on a winning path.

But things like this take time and a pinch of luck. The football program has been searching for a comparable Welsh replacement for 20 years. The basketball program took 12 or 13 years and 2 staffs before they landed CTB, and he was a stretch at hire.


Kinda sad our womens program isnt atleast top 20 year in and year out. Moreso than mens basketball UVa is the perfect place for that program I think


I agree. Considering the high where they were during your time to where they are now, it’s been along fall. But to be honest, the decent didn’t begin with Carla, or Tina, it’s been 20 plus years in the making. Which is sad because Virginia as a state, is not a hotbed of talent, but there’s been a steady stream of talented players coming out of the state since the 90s.


Taking it back to early 90s ALL the womens programs were high level special women. Super competetive, highly talented, and very very smart student athletes that were extremely motivated to excell at sports and in the class room.


Seems like we’ve had good runs out of JMU and the Lady Monarchs over the past decades

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