Weekend results

I’m marking this as a Lacrosse topic since I went to that game. But a lot of the spring sports were competing this weekend, and aside from the game I attended, pretty much cleaned up. I don’t follow most of these, so jump in if there’s anything to say.

Men’s basketball - I’ll take any win at this point of the season. Save the beatdown for Tech Wednesday.

Women’s basketball - Beat VT 86-76. As it should be.

Baseball - Won 3 out of 4 against Bucknell.

Softball - Won 3 out of 4 at tournament in SC.

Women’s swimming & diving - Won ACC championship. Nice!

Wrestling - Got edged out by Carolina. Darn.

Women’s tennis - Beat Clemson 6-1.

Men’s golf - Placed 10th out of 21 at tournament in Hawaii. No complaints.

Women’s golf - Actually earlier last week, but worth noting anyway. Won tournament in Mexico.

Women’s lacrosse - Beat Princeton 12-10.

As for men’s lacrosse vs. Princeton, it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Charlottesville, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it, unless it was at the baseball game, which was going on at the same time. Princeton kept getting up by a goal or two, and Virginia worked back to tie it several times and to go up by a goal briefly, but never took control. Princeton started pulling away, Virginia made a late push, but too little. Final was 16-12.

Princeton looked like a good team that played hard and smart. The kind of game you’re not surprised to lose early in the season if you’re not on. Definitely areas to work on (ground balls). High Point tomorrow, hoping for better results.


Great update- thanks!


Sounds like golf is the sport to play. Go to Hawaii and or Mexico. Shit, we went to Alaska once


I remeber that trip… also why I played rugby 2 trips to mardi gras on the school budget

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Speaking of which is the Alaskan Shootout still a thing?

Dont think it is anymore. Was cool experience back then though. UCLA beat us in final game

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Basketball did play in Hawaii one time … (ducks)


More than once the 02-03 made a run to the final of the Maui

I thought i remember you guys making a run up there. Pretty cool experience for sure

Yessir. And we went dog sledding. I dont recommend it hahaa

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Haha seriously? Not as cool as it looks?

hells no. you have to work man. hahah


I love dog sledding!! Short touristy hour long or more adventure multi-day mush. A must for all season outdoor lovers. Especially dog lovers. :yum:


It’s kind of weird that the Great Alaskan Shootout was the premier Thanksgiving week tournament for a pretty long time.


Back then Thanksgiving was the “early” games and not everyone was playing yet. But is funny to think how it was exactly that back then


The dogs were definitely coolest part of it. They see people arrive and sleds come out and go into a complete frenzy. Not sure how many 7 footers like Shawn Wilson (rip) they have ever carried around on sleds though!