Welcome to the board, big man Chris Alexander

A fifth-year graduate student and team captain, Chris Alexander was regarded as one of the ACC’s best defensive players. He averaged 5.9 rebounds a game and lead the team in blocks with over 148 over his career. Went to the elite 8 his 4th year.

He was the 3rd player on the team named Alexander at that time, which meant his jersey had Ch. Alexander on it.

Looking forward to hearing more from him here and excited to have him join. @hoos30

He has blogs on dcnorthstar.com (hopefully we can get him to blog here).

You can see him in action vs. Vandy in 1996 here:


Welcome to the board!

Excited to have you!

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Welcome to the group!


Gonna ask the same ? to @hoos30

Who is on your uva mt rushmore?