What Changed Between the Purdue and UNC Games

There was an offensive scheme shift between these two games that is telling as to what this team will be moving forward. Check it out:


Nice breakdown! My one point of pessimism about the mover-blocker numbers against UNC is that they were boosted by some of the “landing zone” fouls committed by UNC on jump shooters, and I don’t think that’s something that can be counted on to happen reliably. But it did work better than I expected for sure.


Good point, some dumb fouls from UNC. I will say though that sometimes those fouls were a result of the ‘Hoos being open enough (as a result of the offense working well) that UNC had to close quickly and recklessly, resulting in the fouls you mentioned. MB still not a perfect option, but that’s what appears to be the best one right now.


Great breakdown. Interesting to see the effectiveness of the mover-blocker. I was so excited when they began the move to more ball continuity offense, but I can’t argue with those numbers. And the analysis makes perfect sense, without the attacking guards the offense does look extremely herky jerky.