What does the california law do for this site?

I imagine current players can then sell their likeness? has to be good right?


If it passes nationwide, it would be great for us, fans and the current players.

Still a lot of unanswered questions in terms of how the ncaa sees it.

It can go so many directions. Having current player shirts and gear would be amazing.


Hopefully this passes nationwide, too! (or at least in VA)

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The California law really changes nothing. The NCAA will declare those athletes who profit from this as ineligible. The California law, as I understand it, prohibits schools from dismissing those athletes. So, CA schools will have athletes on their teams, who they cannot play without forfeiting the game. All this does, IMO, is put that state’s schools at a competitive disadvantage. In addition, knowing they will never see the field if they pursue this course, or, even, sign with an agent, how many players will be willing to challenge this? Doing so could end a chance at a real professional career before it’s even begun. What the law really accomplishes, as I understand it, is to prevent the schools, conferences, or the NCAA from using players’ images.

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q&a about it with mark emmert

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Very measured comments from Bennett on this subject as you’d expect.

“I’d be lying if I [said I] had a great handle on it,” Virginia coach Tony Bennett said. “I think it needs to be investigated further. I’m all for the student-athletes having more opportunities to receive funding, whether it’s through the name and likeness, if it can be fairly equitable and doesn’t affect the game and other sports and all that in a bad way.”

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