What Makes Joe Harris so good in the NBA?

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Watching him more and more in the NBA Joe is stronger than most people realise (I think) and more athletic around the basket as well. When he’s near the hoop he plays bigger than 6-6 and knows how to use his body. He also seems to have incredible balance. His 3’s he goes straight up and straight down and can have really quick release when he needs it. Pre game last night TV did quick thing on his daily shooting routine. As you guys said playing with PGs that hold the ball a lot Joe’s patience and movement with a purpose are as good as any.


He is very good around the rim. He can draw contact from bigger guys to get them off balance, while also drawing the foul.

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Like many UVA players, Joe does all the little things that a team doesn’t know they need but really appreciates once they have them. In addition to the little things, Joe does many of the things that makes todays game great, like excellent shooting, finishing around the rim, and defense defense defense.