What UVA’s Offense Will Be

Wrote on what this offense can and will be schematically and regarding personnel:


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Thats a great write up. For me the thing that has stuck out is the constant ball screening but hasnt always been so sharp. Big Man pass to guard on wing and follow the ball to set screen over and over. Guards have to be really patient and confident to allow screen to be set then use it. Another thing is guards with their dribble on the outside. Feel like the newer guys havent been as confident to maintain their dribble and picking it up early. This is something Ty Jerome completely mastered by last year maintaining strong dribble with head up under duress. They will get better as games go on.

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Great observation, lot of inexperience on the wing, even Kihei didn’t act as the ball handler much last season, mostly clearing through. So yeah there’ll be a steep learning curve. Hopefully they can get more comfortable by conference play


Great stuff from you, as always!


Nice post! For the reasons you mentioned, I think continuity ball screen should probably be the primary offense. I think there’s room to run it even better and snappier; take a look at the pace of how Gonzaga runs it: https://twitter.com/hoopvision68/status/1197292891347050497?s=21

I’d also love to see some more dribble handoffs rather than big passing to guard then screening, because it opens up the opportunity for the big to just keep the ball and drive on a cleared-out side, which both Diakite and Huff are capable of doing.

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The pace at which we run it will be difficult to match that of Gonzaga. It would definitely be beneficial to increase the speed, as you said making it snappier. I totally agree about the hand offs. Not sure about Huff driving to the hoop against tougher opponents, but he could use it to initiate in the post which could be a great option. Could also work with Key as the big (when he gets back of course). He’s shown a proficiency for driving underneath so far. All really depends on guard play though and if they can get comfortable.