Which former player is most likely to succeed Tony?

Starting this topic to try and stir the pot while we aren’t playing. Hopefully Tony never retires and coaches us forever but I thought this could be an interesting discussion.

Top candidates in my opinion:

  • Malcolm Brogdon
  • Ty Jerome
  • Chase Coleman


Brogdon will aim for a higher calling than coaching basketball (as high as a profession as it is)


Fully agree. Maybe he comes and coaches us after he finishes his second term as Senator from Virginia haha


Joe is the son of a coach, he might be an option. I suspect Chase will be a great coach in time.


Maybe an underrated one but Devon hall. Gives off that vibe, natural leader. Also can’t not mention Zay, maybe as his associate :eyes:


Great call! Can’t believe I forgot Dev

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Another coach’s son. Great choice!

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I heard somewhere that Hauser would like to coach. Keep the Wisconsin ties. But my hope is J Willy gets a head coaching gig somewhere, is successful, and comes back when Tony retires ala Roy Williams with Dean Smith.


I think Ty, Devon Hall, Joe and Simba would make good coaches.

Ty and Simba have the fire and personality that I think could allow them to recruit really well. Joe and Dev are both more lowkey, but both extremely competitive and might be better tacticians than the others.

Joe would likely be my pick. Beloved among UVA fans, coach’s son, very smart player on both ends and would have big respect from recruits because he’ll be known as one of the best pure sharpshooters of all-time.

I do hope when we do ultimately replace Tony, we hire someone with connections to the program that can maintain the culture.

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I doubt anyone who has made tens of millions of dollars would have the desire to grind as a college assistant and move up the coaching ranks.

And the guys who go straight to head coaching? Maybe you get Juwon Howard (who still spent 6 years as an NBA assistant), maybe you get Chris Mullen.

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I think London would make a very good coach when he stops playing.

Think back to how quickly he picked things up as a FR.