Why did UVa not try harder to keep Getter?

Maybe this has been discussed previously , but why did Tony not try harder to keep Getter? Was it just money? personal conflicts? desire to advance and get experience elsewhere? Seems like a big loss re recruiting, maybe not so much re coaching.

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It was a promotion… he went from assistant coach to associate head coach.

JWilly wasn’t going anywhere, so it was to advance his career… nothing nefarious.

If I were CTB… I would’ve encouraged him to take it.


I was surprised to figure out Getter was only at UVa for 5 years. Everything that @jazznutUVA is right. One thing I know is that the former PSU coach who is now the ND coach is very close to Getter. I think KG got him one of his jobs along the way. So its kinda like best friends reunion type thing

All good for KG. Great step up in title and money even if he has to lose to UVa everytime while there


Getter and Shrewsberry were friends from college days and he got the promotion to 2nd in command at a high level program… great step to getting a head coaching job sooner than later.


Yeah. You can’t have a coaching tree if no one ever leaves for bigger things.


I liked what Getter did for Virginia while he was here. I am happy for him to take this next step in his career. That said, in the last five years, for which UVa commitments was he the initial recruiter? This is the sort of info which isn’t easy to find. Those that know, know. For those of us who don’t know, this info isn’t in any publicly available database. At least, none of which I am aware. Just a bit curious.


Exactly and Coach Bennett tried his very best to keep him by offering some things that won’t go into detail on. End of day Getter felt he needed to take the ND job to better position himself for a head coaching job. Feedback he got from search firms too as he needed to be top assistant in title. Search firms aren’t very smart IMO, but is world we live in and they wield a lot of power in these coaching searches like it or not.


Well just from last year’s class McKneely, Traudt and Bond.


Lifetime supply of jelly beans? Gotta be


I feel like McKneely and Bond were Tony kids in the end. McKneely with his coach have the Dick Bennett connection and Bond Tony’s Wisconsin connection. Traudt was Getter though yeah.


Buchanan also I believe and just about everybody that we were recruiting in 2024.


Buchanan was also a Tony connect. Tony had connections to his aau program from when he was at Washington State I believe it was mentioned in an interview. Although Getter was the one who did the work in those recruitments. I imagine Carpenter will serve the same role putting in the work for Tony recruits while also developing his own connections from years past (he’s spent the last 3 years following other assistants and recruits on twitter so I imagine he has his own connections already in progress).

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I’m sure McKneely was a Tony recruit and probably Bond as well

Hadn’t thought about it much then but now that Sanchez is back… does anyone find it curious that Getter wasn’t given the title as Associate Head Coach at UVA?
Sanchez and Getter are about the same age now and Sanchez had the title 13 years ago.
Wonder if Getter wanted the title at UVA?

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I wondered the same thing! Maybe Getter felt like learning a new system would be good for his long-term career? I could see the benefits of learning from a few different guys before stepping into a HC role yourself.

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The title itself was probably pretty meaningless, he was gonna be behind j Willy regardless