Win NCAA tournament tickets?

2017: 10.2 ppg
2018: 13.0 ppg
2019: 15.6 ppg (career-high)

2015: 2.7 ppg
2016: 0.6 ppg
2017: 8.2 ppg
2018: 10.8 ppg
2019: 13.7 ppg (career-high)

Mike Scott
2013: 4.6 ppg
2014: 9.6 ppg (career high)
2015: 7.8 ppg
2016: 6.2 ppg
2017: 2.5 ppg
2018: 8.8 ppg
2019: 5.8 ppg (7.8 ppg w/ Philly)

For fun, guess Brogdon, Harris and Scotts averages this year.

Brogdon: 16.6 ppg

Albeit being his first preseason game, I loved what I saw out of Brogdon yesterday. I see him being major facilitator but his scoring role should be elevated as well.

Harris: 10.9 ppg

I expect Harris to pick up where he left off and to come out firing and confident. His average should be 12-14 before KD returns and then I expect it to drop but I hope im wrong!

Scott: 8.2 ppg

I think Mike Scott picks up where he left off with Philly last year. Hoping that the tailgating incident has no lingering effects on his on-court play and i doubt it will.

In a few weeks, we can do another round with different players. Let me know your guesses and at the end of the year, we can see how close we were but if you get it exact…

NCAA TOURNAMENT 1st round TICKETS…long shot but possible…similar to playing the slots at a casino. Very very unlikely but might as well try!

If someone guesses all 3 exactly correct then I will buy them tickets to UVA’s first-round NCAA game next year (assuming that’s applicable)


Hmmm, I’ll take some time to think about this.