Winter Recruiting Thread

The old thread has 1300 posts no one is ever going to read again. And we are going to hopefully see some 2024 visits happen in the next month or two. (And ive been picking up more overtime night shifts at work so I needed to do something unproductive to kill the downtime) SO might as well reset.

(All information is from twitter, other boards, interviews, and our holy prophet @HoozGotNext may the sun shine on his bloodline for eternity)

Hyperlink are to clips and highlights

2024 Offers

Already Officially Visited

Raleigh Burgess: Center from Ohio. Plays on Indiana Elite (same aau team as Kyle Guy). B1G battle between Indiana Ohio State Iowa and Purdue. But the fact that he visited means something.

Have Taken Multiple Unofficial Visits but have yet to take an Official. Strange Category typing that out

Caleb Williams: Skilled forward from Sidwell Friends in DC. UVA Michigan Indiana battle? Williford wants this kid bad probably. Somewhere between Gill and Hauser in terms of playstyle. Modern 4 man. Kind of like how we use BVP and Jayden.

Isaiah Abraham: Athletic wing/forward at PVI in Northern Virginia. Justin Anderson/Braxton Key type is the comp. Has completely bought into his glue guy role on PVI. Has mentioned wanting to visit UVA Marquette Villanova UConn and Kansas State. Won’t be taking official visits until after HS season is over.

Patrick Ngongba: Center from PVI. Only visited once but too lazy to make a new section. Isaiah Abraham’s cousin. Dude is a blocking machine when I watched him on ESPNU. Completely outplayed 2023 top 50 center Arrinten Page. A more defensive minded Mike Tobey. That’s what I saw and when I went on Instagram I saw the @HoozGotNext (or is it @JoeBoxley on instagram) post for Ngongba’s offer and they also used the Mike Tobey comp so I feel validated.

Jarin Stevenson: Athletic 4/5 from Chapel Hill area. Trey Murphy type. Dad is former CAA player of the year at Richmond under John Beilein. Mom is a former UNC hooper. UNC’s front court is kinda full but all the connections will still be hard to beat. Kentucky has been coming up more in his recruitment interviews.

Scheduled to visit

Kon Knueppel: Wing from Wisconsin. Scheduled to visit for the Duke game in February. Multiple people on Wisconsin sites saying it’s a 3 way race between Wisconsin, Virginia, and Marquette. Fear of blue blood involvement over the summer from Wisconsin fans on top of annoyance with Tony Bennett. Comparison is Joe Harris.

Said they were planning to visiting at some point

Daniel Freitag: Point guard from Minnesota. Numerous times it has been mentioned UVA and Wisconsin are his current top 2 but Kansas lurking and football could be an option for him. 5’11/6ft but 6’6/6’7 wingspan and some serious ups. Said he wanted to visit after football season was over.

Travis Perry: Pg from Kentucky. Indiana Elite (same aau program as Kyle Guy and 2024 center Raleigh Burgess). Dude has over 3000 career points and has a good chance to be the leading all time scorer in Kentucky HS basketball. Also he plays golf and Kyle Getter actually showed up to his golf tournament lol. Purdue seen as early favorites. Indiana and Michigan are also trying and Kentucky has offered/could be really annoying and push for him whenever they want.

Thomas Sorber: Center from Philly. Don’t think we have had a big like this before. Jayden Gardner but 6’9 and blocks shots and allso shoots 3s (again don’t say this as a diss to Jayden. Jayden is still a top 5 hoo for me in terms of fan favorites). Penn State, St Johns, and Seton Hall as the local schools that all get mentioned but he’s playing like a 5 star and he originally wanted to commit in the spring but now he’s saying after AAU is over. Sammy Zeglinski’s brother is his high school coach. Said he wanted to visit in the next month or so according to Houston Wilson’s recent interview with him.

Kids with offers who aren’t mentioning UVA in interviews anymore

Rakease Passmore, Juke Harris, Jaeden Mustaf.

Kids without UVA offers but mention UVA being in contact in multiple interviews

Jahseem Felton: Originally from Charlotte Area but playing bball in California. Raymond Felton’s cousin. Has mentioned UVA still in contact. Probably lack of clarity on roster construct and needs a factor in no offer(?). NC State Creighton and Auburn mentioned most by him as schools showing heavy interest. Big scoring guard/secondary ball handler.

Elijah Crawford: Pointguard playing in Georgia at Legacy (same league as Montverde and IMG) but from South Carolina. Don’t know too much about him. A shallow dive into his recruitment makes me believe he will end up at a middle of the pack $EC school. Georgia LSU South Carolina FSU and BC the other schools mentioned multiple times in interviews

Christian Bliss: Point guard originially from Queens but playing basketball at the George School in Pennsylvania (playing Philly and New Jersey schools). Perrantes/Jerome type of player. Best attribute is he’s a “hooper”. Floor general but has some attitude. Has some bounce even though his game is more “crafty”. Missed most of the aau season but has been having a really strong two month opening to HS ball, showing out at national tournaments and putting up big numbers (like 32 points against Bullis). Mid major recruitment so far but he’s on the radar of some high majors (UVA, Villanova, Xavier, The Seton Hall/Rutgers/St Johns conglomerate that I view as one entity). Strong candidate to reclass 2023.

Micah Robinson: Athletic Wing forward from Texas but playing at Oak Hill. Athletic, skilled, has some attitude. Not sure if UVA has a chance but why not.

Bryson McGlothin: 2024 forward out of Texas. Plays with Team Trae Young (Believe Tony watched him once or twice this summer while watching a kid named Dink Pate whose a top 40-60 recruit). Ive noticed in my social media stalking Wilkins and I think Carpenter liking his stuff over the year. He’s a good prospect at the 4 spot with +wingspan and shooting touch at 6’7/6’8.

Jackson McAndrew : Stretch 4/5 from Minnesota. Wisconsin Iowa and a few other B1G schools involved. 6’8 with long arms but not super bouncy or quick. Was one of the best shooters in Nike though. AAU teammates with Daniel Freitag and they have talked about playing with each other. Wisconsin wants the package deal.

Zion Sensley: Skilled 6-8 forward from California. Plays for Prolific Prep. Has good shooting numbers and efficiency along with solid athleticism. No idea if UVA has a chance or if he is a Tony fit but he has mentioned UVA multiple times so our program at least has his attention. Most west coast programs are in contact with him.

Larry Johnson: Athletic 6’4 combo guard from Atlanta playing at Huntington Prep (WV). Kid is super athletic and quick while also shooting efficiently. He moves a lot like Reece Beekman, maybe a bit more explosive as well as a better 3pt shooter out of HS but not as complete a playmaker Reece was out of HS. He claims to have a UVA offer on instagram, HGN believes this isn’t true but at the same time believes he’s going to be super hard to get anyways. Oregon and Mizzou are the two early P5 ptograms on him at the moment.

Kids without offers but who have unofficialt visited that we know of

Cooper Bowser: Forward from the Dumfries area but at Sunrise Christian Postgrad. Good wingspan. Good 3pt shooting. Blocks the rim. Has bounce. Shows some mobility. Is he a dude? Idk. I like him though. Also unofficially visited the Hokies recently and has a few midmajor offers. 2023 possible target

Damon “Redd” Thompson Jr: Richmond pg who has been having a strong year leading John Marshall who is currently #1 in the Maxprep rankings (excludes IMG/Montverde). Kid is a dawg and a baller. No real player comp for him. Midmajor recruitment at the moment. Team Loaded VA kid.

Kids on the staff’s radar not mentioned here: over 1 billion kids probably. And somewhere in there is Ty Davis: pg from Alabama.

Don’t think we will see heavy activity until the Spring. HGN has hinted that with roster uncertainty (who comes back and who goes) and also who we get in the portal (grad transfer or long term prospects), there is a lot of uncertainty as to who we will actually go after in terms of HS prospects. And of course a ton of new names will pop up as well.


Lot of distance between Gill and Hauser, lol!

Great job consolidating all of this. Really helpful for us lazy people.


Right! Really appreciate it.

So what’s the deal with Ty Davis? It seems like the interest fell off of a cliff? I like Freitag and Perry quite a bit, is the hope that there would be time to recruit Davis if we land neither of those guys?

No idea just speculating off of what I have gotten out of HGN, the original plan was to get a 2023 point guard and then another ball handler in 2024.

Without a surefire 2023 pg, the 2024 targets may have had to be players they feel more comfortable handing the program over to from day 1. I like Davis a lot on his potential and more of a floor general feel but there is no doubt Perry and Freitag are both way more ready Day 1 (but I view them both as really good combo guards that you pair with a big pg).

Ty Davis is mostly just mid major offers right now. But Alabama has been sending assistants (and Nate Oates last night went himself) to watch Davis more frequently. Indiana Hokies Purdue Stanford and Vanderbilt are the other high majors showing interest who will probably watch him again this spring and summer.


Must have missed it but looks like things are going forward with Janowski

Why is that?

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idk. just saw him involved with other teams.

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I think this makes sense. I guess my 2 cents is that the staff should continue cultivating the relationship with Ty, go see him etc. Because I think he would actually pair well with Freitag or Perry. I understand if staff is worried that if they went super hard, Davis commits then scares off the more ready PGs.

But also I think the new dream is to get Bliss + Freitag or Perry


Oh I assume they are still in contact with him. Tony hasn’t gone to see anyone LOL (that we know of. Absolutely could have pulled a stealth Buchanan type visit). Ty likes all of UVA’s posts on instagram it feels like and HGN posts as well.

No idea what the needs are recruiting wise yet.

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Both Wisconsin boards (247/Buckyville) acting like it’s a forgone conclusion he’s going to Iowa State with Milan and TJ Oltz.

Gotcha. I saw the Hokie boards talking about him and I was like that makes sense but I can’t seem him leaving the midwest for there.

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He’s from Wisconsin. I thought that was our home state

Wisconsin doesn’t seem to be pushing that much there for Janowski anymore. Whether it’s because they view it as a lost cause or because they cooled on him idk. He does play like a taller Tony bennett which is hilarious.

I was going to include Kayvaun Mulready but he announced a top 4 already and is probably headed to UConn. 2024 pg who can reclass to 2023 and was playing off the bench for Gertrude’s aau team. High school teammates with TJ Power. Doubt a late offer from us would change things but who knows.

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Janowski not being a heavy Wisconsin lean just feels wrong. He looks and plays like he was born to be in a Badgers uniform, all the way down to the buzz cut.


2025 was too early for me to put in the main post, but Austin Williford Hype is never too early.


Awilly hitting them boards. How tall is he?

Just saw Ty Davis is on a visit to Alabama watching the Kentucky game. After Nate Oates went out to see him last night at his HS. I have a bad feeling he’s going to get the offer in the near future… (could be dead wrong though).

GIF by The Simpsons

But if we get Christian Bliss and then Damon Thompson Jr from Richmond who I have grown fond of

nervous season 8 GIF


Double Edged sword this Kentucky Alabama game. Alabama is up around 30 points on Kentucky LMAO.

If Alabama offers Ty Davis, he gone. But at the same time… Reed Sheppard?


Good job on the rundown @Hooandtrue. One nitpick, Raleigh Burgess’s visit was unofficial.