World Cup 2022

And also Iran will know that so they can just play for the tie and force USA to do something spectacular to win in the final 3rd against 10 guys… right?


Bunker defense sounds appealing… but there is a lot of risk… it can really backfire.


Don’t I know it … we were coaching 10U all stars in state tournament championship game last week against a team that was older and better than us … our best player scored a first half goal and we coaches decided to defend like crazy and look for counter attacks … an unfortunate foul 30 yards out with 4 min left and their best player hits a zinger into the top shelf where our goalie just couldn’t reach it … they proceed to get a ball bouncing around the top of the box 2 min later and we lose a heartbreaker 2-1 after leading the whole game … We also had 10 shots to their 4 shots … but soccer man …
Very similar to that Canada Belgium game where Canada utterly dominates … and loses … ugggghhhh

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We need to beat Iran in the game and on goal differential. That last Iran goal fucked us. 90+11? Gmafb!

Naw, if we beat Iran, they’d only have 3 points and we’d have at least 4 given our tie with Wales. So we’d be fine regardless of goal differential.

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They won’t know the outcome of Wales-England. The final matches within group play are played concurrently to prevent that.

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Yep… similar to the last day of all the European leagues… those days are wild!

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you right

Just make sure to save our most talented player today, Gio Reyna. Save him for the big Iran match!


Gio is redshirting this World Cup to focus on scoring goals for one of the better club teams on the planet.


Baffling. So he gets 20 years total of WC play!


No Gio in the starting line up tonight…


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Berhalter is terrible.

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It really makes no sense. You’ve got an obviously hobbled McKennie, on a yellow, and start him anyway. Reyna and Aaranson on the bench smh

We’ll have multiple players get their second yellow tonight disqualifying them from Iran… Gio and Aaronson will definitely start then… book it. LOL!

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I was referring to if England beats USA…
England 6 points
Iran 3 points
USA 1 point
Wales 1 point

Iran would basically know they only need a draw as it’s unlikely England loses to Wales…
And even then 4 points almost always gets through

At the very least Gio (seasoned Euro player) gets WC experience but risks losing his redshirt

This coach is the worst. Claudio mustve given him lotta wedgies in high school

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I don’t know jack about soccer but this is gold