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So if our 4 & 5 can shoot in the future… are we still going to play sides?

I think they want to do 5 out. They tried 5 out beginning of last season before realizing we lacked the athletes to slash and attack heavily (Reece and Casey were the only ones really).

I always wondered what the 5 out hypothesis was and why they abandoned it so quickly. It’s not like the lack of athleticism was an unknown.

We did see it sprinkled in a bit this year, but only a bit

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So for Kihei circa 2022, it’s probably his half-court defense that we need to focus on. I don’t think he’s as bad off-ball as Dave does, but that may be because Dave is more focused on being able to clog up passing lanes and getting off-ball steals. I think Kihei reads and reacts to the opposing offense well, and makes the appropriate slides, off-side help, etc. I’m not sure what Dave is talking about with post doubles-- I could be missing it, but I don’t recall our guards ever doubling the post other than the somewhat comical sight of Taine occasionally trying to double when he’s playing out of position as a 4.

For post doubles from a guard perspective … I was referring to the guard being the first pass away after the forward leaves his man to double… if that’s Clark’s assignment anywhere in the paint it’s a bucket if the post makes that pass. And most times he won’t even foul because he doesn’t wanna sit with 2 early fouls…if he passes to weak side 3 point line, Clark’s size doesn’t bother any shooter in the nation and it’s a bucket … or simply an open miss.

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The recent article on his pros/cons showed how his height / off-ball instincts are less than ideal in that MIG (most important guy) role.

Got it. Yes, I’ve noticed a couple of times where Kihei has dropped down to cover a much bigger player near the basket during a post double. If he doesn’t somehow deny the entry pass, it’s usually a bucket. That’s a fair criticism related to his small stature. The question for next year in that situation is whether Isaac M will be there to cover the doubler’s man when the double is executed? No memory whatsoever whether Perrantes, Jerome, or Kyle were proficient at that when they were first years. But it did seem to me that our defense was not nearly as good at that kind of coordinated defensive execution the past two years.

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Do you have a link to the article you are referencing about Kihei’s execution of the MIG role? I don’t have time to break down film myself, but really enjoy reading those articles when others take the time to undertake an analysis of one of our players.

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Here you go:

There are a LOT of clips. It’s a long article. I forget which covered that backside help.


Yeah we abandoned it last year with the Huff, Hauser, and Trey lineup, and never went back to it after the 2nd or 3rd game. I remember only playing a little bit of it this year with Taine in the game.

TB needs to stop being so tentative and let the team work out the issues when they’re learning a new system.


It doesn’t work unless you have great athletes. We looked great running it in the first game last year against Towson an inferior opponent
That was the only time it worked good

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I think it wasn’t a good fit for that roster. Everyone needs to be comfortable attacking off the dribble, because the player movement patterns didn’t create much advantage (not much screening, on ball or off), they just maintained spacing. Too many times it just ended up with Huff with the ball in an iso position on the wing, which was kinda pointless.

I think/hope the Italy trip will enable TB to try things out on the offensive end as wins and losses don’t matter. Obviously, way early in getting the 1st years acclimated but hope he will experiment to get a sense of what the team can do. Of course, we won’t be able to see the games…

Edit/addition: I’m no expert and I don’t think would necessarily work with this coming year’s roster but if the 1st years really blossom to their expected level, I could see something like Jay Wright’s 4 out, 1 in motion offense working for us in the future.