2021-22 Season Look Ahead

Maybe like HGN said we can move the roster outlook discussion to this thread. Tony has his radio show tonight at 7 - any chance he drops any information regarding roster changes then?


And it comes back to the well debated issue of whether it’s better to develop on an NBA bench or GLeague or being a key player in college at Virginia.

Getting paid to play, not having academic responsibilities, not being limited on practice time with coaches, twice as many games on the schedule vs developing under fantastic coaches (for up to 20 hours a week), finishing a degree, maybe NIL compensation, traveling first class, big man on campus status, maybe improve your draft position.

Personally, if I were a lottery pick, no question I’d leave. Any first round guarantee, I’d leave too. Even if I improve my draft position from 30 to 10, that’s 3.3M guaranteed plus 2 options vs 7.3M guaranteed. Sure, 4 mil is a lot, but 3.3 is enough to set you up for life and you’re a year closer to the 2nd contract that could set generations of your family for life plus you have an extra year of earning potential. Even a later second rounder like Isaiah Joe got 2.4 guaranteed. I leave for that too. Even a guy on a 2 way deal makes half a mil a year for the time they’re on the NBA roster. I’d have to think hard about a 2 way or GLeague contract. If I could realistically improve my draft position, I’d stay, but if I can’t it’d depend on whether I liked school or just wanted to get a start on my career.

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Thanks. Needed. Just about every thread can’t stay on topic.

Anyway, my opinion on the Trey grandmas tweet is we’re overreacting. Reading way too much into that. Doubtful they’d make a decision until going through the pre draft process. In the event he has, well glad it’s now so we can get to work on replacing him.

My offseason wishlist as of today:

  1. Trey stays 50%
  2. Keels 25%
  3. JAR stay put
  4. Grady
  5. Felder or Mitchell

I’m not reading anything into Trey’s grandmother’s tweet. Was recently told that a decision has not been made definitively in any direction.


Don’t totally know where to drop this, so dropping it here! Now two of three of UNC’s monster front court may be headed out the door:


Here to counter Zach’s flame dousing with a drum of gasoline

Been hearing Grandma Trey started upping her baking game mid season, and has found herself firmly in Trey’s inner circle

Don’t underestimate the power of a perfectly cooked apple crisp, young one


For real though, if Murphy is NBA bound we need to know as soon as we can. In like two three weeks Tony needs to be like “Yo Trey you getting that bag or nah”. Cause a transfer like Lundy ain’t waiting or it gives time for the new coaches at schools like Penn State and Indiana to convince the players to stay.

Abdur Rahim is my 6moy a la Hunter (different roles though) next year getting 15-20 minutes but we still need that experienced small forward.

Why we sleeping on Jabri’s talents? I for one, believe we already have a good roster and 1-2 transfers to help us out. Other than that, I want Jabri, Reece, Casey, Carson, Kadin, Justin and Taine to bull out and maybe Trey if he doesn’t go.


Even Hunter off of his redshirt played a 6th man role. But I am very high on Jabri is he stays it out. His stroke is smooth, has the athleticism to push it some and also is a play maker. His high school highlights show nifty passes.


I do kinda think that since jabri essentially sat out this year that the perception of him has shifted a bit. He’s one of the top 3 highest rated recruits that we’ve gotten under Tony, and he can flat play. Hope his confidence has remained high and he comes out as an alpha dog next year, especially if Trey moves on.


Im with you on this. I’m not naïve enough to think we probably will not have any transfers out, and I would certainly expect some transfers in, but it is not like the cupboard is bare next year, just unproven. If we started the season with Kadin/Papi, Justin/Trey/JAR, Casey/Carson/Taine, Kihei/Reece, I’ll grant you that’s inexperienced, but that’s 5 top 100 ranked players, a guy that reclassed and would have likely been a top 100 if evaluated in his original class, and an almost sure fire first rounder borderline lottery pick. Kadin has been slowed by illness, Justin has showed flashes, Trey is a potential late first rounder this year, JAR was a top 40 recruit, I’m higher than most on Casey – last year he was thrown to the wolves and he has shown flashes this year, Carson and Taine have the reputation as snipers, and two experienced point guards. Do guys need to step up and develop, of course. Do we need depth in the front court, absolutely. Do I think this team looks better in February that December, absolutely. Is it constructed more like a “traditional” UVA team, I sure think so. Even if Trey leaves there is talent there. Add a transfer or two…


Not sleeping on his talents, but he needs to be clear of the TB defensive doghouse. Don’t think it’s safe to assume that he’ll meet Tony’s level comfort on the defensive end next year either.

Think at this point it will be a measure of how much TB is willing to sacrifice defensively AND allow for creativity on the offensive side of the fence. Tomas’ and Justin’s PT aren’t great signs IMO. Think Hauser’s shooting and experience gave him the pass.

I think JAR could reeeaally benefit from an off season working with Damin Altizer. I’m not saying Altizer is 100% responsible for the flawless footwork that Ty and Dre have, but if you watch their training videos with him, it’s a huge focus.

In watching Jabri’s highlights, it’s clear he’s talented and athletic, but there is a lot of wasted movement that you can’t afford to waste against ACC defenders. His future is extremely bright, and I hope he gets the opportunity to work with guys like Damin, Ty, and Dre


This will be Jabri, Reece, and Carson’s first full summer of workouts and training as well. COVID threw a wrench in it all.


I just hope we don’t add transfer guards just to fill a spot. We obviously need a guy or two in the front court so it’s all good there. But I’d rather take a one off down year to get our guard progression reestablished than block PT for our young guys just to get a 5 seed instead of a 10 seed. Or heck I’ll even take a one off NIT appearance if it means our guard pipeline is fully stocked again moving forward. My one concern this offseason is, depending on the strategy we follow, we could set ourselves up to be in a bad cycle of perpetually needing to chase 2/3’s every transfer cycle.

A grad transfer would be a nice bridge to McKneely!

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A grad transfer would be the worst case scenario unless we are giving up on Jabri and Carson. If we add a transfer I hope he at least has 3-4 years of eligibility left. All of this changes if we actually only start one of Reece and Kihei but I don’t foresee that happening.

I hope we do seek a transfer for the two. Don’t want to go into another year without a proven two. I see JAR at the three due to “D” and McCorkle can grow into the role.

If l Tony would start him at the 2, sure. But if we’re just gonna start Kihei and Reece let’s accept it as a rebuilding year and get Casey (still has 3 years remaining), Jabri, Carson, and Taine all of the remaining 2 and 3 minutes. All changes if we lose some of the young guards.

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I agree with that. It would be kinda disheartening to start the season like that.

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