2021 recruiting rundown

Virginia currently has four scholarships available by 2021. All rankings per Prep Hoops.

Group A: All in

Efton Reid

The Facts: Reid has visited UVA several times over the past few years, twice since September,most recently for the home opener. Bennett has been to Richmond three times since Fall to see the big man, including opening day of the recruiting period. He doesn’t disclose offers, so we don’t know for sure who all has officially thrown their hats in the ring. Other visits to North Carolina, NC State, and Ohio State. Georgetown is heavily involved as well.

My 2 cents: If you’ve followed recruiting under Bennett, you know the drill. He’s getting the early full court press, Virginia is on him harder than anyone else is. With the multiple visits, it’s promising. But as always in these spots, we’re not paced for a marathon. By Spring, UVA needs this to start moving toward a final decision. Kentucky is lurking, and will be a major threat as always if they choose.

Trevor Keels

The Facts: UVA’s first true offer to the 2021 class went to Keels. The earlier ones were all to guys that we knew would likely reclassify up. Bennett has been to see him three times from Sept to early Jan. Trevor was on an official visit during banner raising weekend. He’s taken other trips to Villanova, Maryland, and Ohio State. Update: Duke and Michigan offered in December.

My 2 cents: Keels has been one of the high school season’s biggest stock risers. UVA is fully invested, but he’s getting into territory where he could go just about anywhere he wants. Until his recruitment settles in, there’s no read on it. Villanova is the other coming hardest.

DaRon Holmes

The Facts: Holmes grabbed UVA’s attention in July at the Under Armour Finals. Coach Soderberg kept tabs, and stopped in on his September west coast tour. Once an offer came his way, DaRon took an official visit for the home opener in early November. Coach Bennett made the rare in-season recruiting trip to see him in late December. Other visits to Arizona, USC, Kansas, and Marquette.

My 2 cents: A versatile defender with a developing perimeter game, he’s being recruited in a different slot than the more traditional big men Furst and Reid. UVA seems to have made a very strong impression on his visit. He’s clearly being treated as a top priority since, as evidenced by Bennett’s time. USC and Arizona are on him hard. Texas Tech recently jumped in. This is going to go on a while, but UVA has as good of a chance as anyone.

Group B: Light Pressure

Caleb Furst

The Facts: Bennett watched Caleb all summer before offering after the final live period. He took an official visit in late September. Tony has been up there once, Williford another time. He’s been a busy guy with trips to Michigan State and Purdue each twice along with Indiana, Ohio State, and Notre Dame. North Carolina has recently gotten involved too (Jan).

My 2 cents: There’s an argument to be made that Caleb is the better on-court fit of the big men, but he’s received less early attention than Efton Reid. Bennett pacing himself, not pushing hard, could turn out to be the smart play. Despite Caleb’s many visits, Indiana sources believe this will be a marathon recruitment. Pulling him out of Big 10 country will be a challenge though.

Max Christie

The Facts: Christie was offered after Too 100 camp in June. Bennett made a September trip to see him, and Williford did again in October. He’s taken a few unofficial visits to Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Purdue. Northwestern, where his parents attended, is a top contender as well.

My 2 cents: I can’t find any reason for optimism. He’s sorta punting his recruitment for now, which isn’t what we want to see. In an interview just days after Bennett was there, he rattled off a list of schools involved without a Virginia mention.

Group C: Ifs and Maybes

Carter Whitt 6’3 PG Leesville (NC) Ranked #100
Offered 10/18, visited 2/19. Competition: Boston College, Indiana

The Facts: Carter is considering a move up into the 2020 class, and will make a final decision on that this Spring. He’s visited several times, but not since February… This Fall he’s been to Ohio State, Boston College, and Florida. Indiana and VA Tech also involved.

My 2 cents: It looks like Bennett is letting this one go. All signs point to him moving up to 2020 and looking for a good path to an immediate role. That’s not really something UVA can offer.

Peyton Watson 6’6 SF Long Beach Poly (CA) Ranked #21
No offer, hasn’t visited. Competition: UCLA, Arizona

The Facts: He says he’ll reschedule a canceled official visit previously set for November. Soderberg and more recently Williford have been out to see him. Other visits taken to Arizona, Washington, USC, and UCLA.

My 2 cents: I expect he’ll be very difficult to pull away from the west coast. But he does seem genuinely interested, and obviously the staff hasn’t given up despite the visit cancellation.

Group D: Under Evaluation

Matthew Cleveland 6’6 SF Pace (GA) Ranked #25
No offer, hasn’t visited. Competition: Florida State Louisville

Assistants have checked him out several times, as recently as Nov. Only a question if they’ll invest the necessary energy to have a chance.

Isa Silva 6’4 PG Jesuit (CA) Ranked #26
No offer, hasn’t visited. Competition: Stanford, UCLA

Jabri Abdur-Rahim’s childhood friend from Sacramento received a lot of attention over the summer from Bennett. He’s drawn comparisons to Ty Jerome. UVA is definitely in the thick of this one despite not offering yet.

Nate Bittle 6’10 C Crater (OR) Ranked #15
No offer, hasn’t visited. Competition: Oregon, Arizona

Another left coaster that Soderberg has kept tabs on. He’s a very long shot but has mentioned a possible upcoming visit.

Trey Kaufman 6’7 PF Silver Creek (IN) Ranked #52
No offer, hasn’t visited. Competition: Indiana, Louisville

Another guy that would be very hard to get. Bennett made time to stop in while on his trip for Furst and Christie.

Quincy Allen 6’7 SF Maret (DC) Ranked #79
No offer, visited 2/19. Competition: Clemson, Syracuse

Quincy’s gotten a lot of attention from Williford. Bennett isn’t biting yet.

Benny Williams 6’8 PF St. Andrew’s (MD) #82
No offer, hasn’t visited. Competition: Maryland, Florida

Versatile forward they’ve seen a lot of with Team Takeover. Williford visited him in Sept.

Jeremy Sochan 6’8 SF La Lumiere (IN) Ranked #89
No offer, hasn’t visited. Competition: Marquette, Michigan State

Fresh import from England grabbed UVA’s attention at this summer’s Euro Championships.

Stevie Mitchell 6’1 PG Wilson (PA) Ranked #118
No offer, hasn’t visited. Competition: Penn State, Temple

Vandross has been up there twice this Fall. Under-recruited so far, he could be a realistic 2nd guard in the class.


Notes on this.

  1. This will be updated throughout the season as things change, bumped up on the board each time.

  2. UVA is recruiting four spots, sort of. They’re pushing for a big man (Reid, Furst) and a guard with size (Keels, Christie, Watson). A more modern forward (Holmes, etc) is on the agenda along with either an athletic wing or a point guard but they’re not being as aggressive with either of those yet because they’re open to filling the forward spot with a late addition in the Spring, and the 2nd guard spot interferes with their pursuit of Keels etc.

  3. They’re in good shape with several but there’s no Casey Morsell or Reece Beekman this year where they’re a heavy early favorite. Mostly they’re playing the long game, at least for Bennett standards.

  4. I’ve explained this before but I always use PrepHoops rankings early. There’s not much difference this time around. I just think they do a better job at this stage based on familiarity. National guys don’t see a lot of Under-16 AAU games. I linked all their 247 profiles so it’s easy to get to their rankings anyway.

  5. Almost forgot to explain the groupings. It’s pretty simple. All based on how much attention the staff has given them this Fall. It all breaks down into nice even tiers, which is no coincidence. I threw Carter Whitt into Group B but he’s really a special case since he’s likely to reclassify.


Good stuff as usual HGN. If we could pick up any 2 of these guys to go along with the '20 class we would be loaded and looking at another natty.

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Apparently Peyton Watson won’t be visiting this weekend after all.

UCLA will host Top-30 junior Peyton Watson for an unofficial visit tonight as they’ve got the team’s first game of the season, he told @Stockrisers.

More: He will meet with Arizona staff on Thursday. Postponed UVA official visit, working on new date.

— Jake (@jakeweingarten) November 6, 2019

That bumps him back into Group D until there’s a firm rescheduling.

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I assume Holmes is still coming?

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Yeah Holmes will be there. I don’t know for sure but I think the Watson issue was the Sunday night game. They wanted him there for that and he didn’t want it to spill over into Monday travel.


So we should have another date lined up soon. I really like the Watson and Holmes combo

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Efton Reid back again this weekend for an official per his twitter, that can’t be bad…

HGN, will they both be at the game Sunday? Imagine it might be hard for Holmes getting back to west coast unless he’s not coming til tomorrow and staying through Monday.


I’m sure Reid will be there. Not positive about Holmes but I suspect he will be too. They did this exact thing last year for the Sunday home opener vs GW. Beekman and Keon Johnson were there, didn’t arrive until Sat.

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Updated for the weekend visits. I moved Holmes up to Group B because a) he’s the only player offered in that spot and b) the visit was obviously a home run so I expect that will crank up the attention level. He’s probably in the A group to be honest and we’ll find that out from their actions in the months ahead but I’m always a show me guy with this stuff.


Moody now says he’s gonna wait til spring to sign…should we pay attention or no?


Nope. It’s just to avoid being tied on the off chance of a coaching change.

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Coaching change? At Arkansas? They just hired Musselman six months ago. You think he’ll be fired by the Spring?

That makes no sense. Moody has made some head-scratching decisions, like adding Virginia to his final 3 after excluding from his final seven – despite not having an offer. And not signing his LOI is just another head-scratching decision.

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A guy like Musselman is a climber. Pretty unlikely he’d move again after one year but I can understand taking precaution.


If Moody wants to sign that’s fine.Im looking toward a big 2021 class

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Feature on Efton Reid from the Steward website.

Similarly, when asked what’s most important to him in the college recruiting process, Efton responded: “The relationship with the head coach — that he’ll be honest with me and help me grow on and off the court — and that we feel at home at the school.”

The “we” Efton refers to is his family: mom, Maria, and his younger brother, Alex, a freshman at Atlee High School. Every collegiate coach who steps inside Steward’s gym, even those with national championships under their belts, knows they’re not just there to see Efton play, but to impress Mrs. Reid too.



Efton is having a little fun with us this evening. While I doubt this means a thing, I do think he’s one of these guys that’s just gonna up and commit one day out of the blue without warning or fanfare.


Frankly, that’s kind of refreshing in today’s atmosphere. :joy:

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Hmm, “just gonna up and commit one day“, sounds like how most CTB recruits like to do it…


An assistant was reported at Holiday Hoopsgiving in Atlanta yesterday. Primary interest there is '21 wing Matthew Cleveland, who I somehow I left out of this rundown before. Elite talent they’ve seen a lot of already, only question is if they’ll spend the energy to recruit him. Sort of the same situation as Jabri a year ago.

Whenever possible they like to hit these large events during the season where they can see a lot of players at once… '21 big man Ryan Mutombo is of interest, Dikembe’s son. Cleveland’s teammate, '21 guard Madison Durr too. And really who knows who else. It was a loaded field with most of Georgia’s top teams.