2022 Recruiting Offers (New Thread)

Soooo… Traudt, McKneely & Taylor eh?

Main thread got off the rails… so I started a new one.


Cavs Corner just put in a rivals crystal ball for McKneely…


Nice… Brad doesn’t normally give out his kisses easily… similar to JO (If he puts in a Crystal Ball…)


Not just Franklin, a Kentucky writer put in a FutureCast for McKneely just before him too. Timing of that is interesting


I should have shut down the old one when I posted the latest rundown. Sort of thought people would naturally migrate. This works too.

Planning to do another VIP forum post probably Tues or Wed if I can gather enough gossip.


Could end up with a wing rotation of Morsell, Murphy, McCorkle, Murray, and McKneely.


At this point Im gonna be disappointed if I don’t see a tag team commitment with Traudt and Mckneely. But in all seriousness, I hope we can get them on board somewhat soon and shift our focus to finding a PG and C.


Just wait until we also add Mtaylor

But we are officially on #McKneelyCommitWatch

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I would be shocked if we don’t get two of the three but hope for all three. I’m not sure what to think of Taylor’s comments about waiting. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or more reclassifications although there’s currently not a lot of smoke. Just a hunch.

I’m pushing for Isaac Squared: McKneely and Traudt. Would be an epic duo until Dakich or somebody gets a hold of a UVA broadcast and totally ruins it


I would love to get early commitments from McKneely, Traudt, and Taylor. Focusing on a pg and possibly a big depending on schollies. However, we could have some class flexibility also.

Could you check on the latest with Reid. I’d think seeing Huff’s development and usage would have to be attractive to him. Hopefully, he recognizes a legit opportunity now despite us not offering instant gratification.


Yeah. Super interesting. Anyone seen anything from him where he’s talked about timeline?

In here he says that he wants to make his visits before committing, but he also wants to sign early and before his senior year.


“wants to make visits” is a key buzzphrase in recruiting that has yet to hold true so far in the age of COVID lol. Jalen Warley wanted to take visits too and then next week he was FSU bound.


Yeah it says that he’s starting practices soon ahead of his junior season starting in March. Maybe he wants to make his decision, or at least narrow his options down again, ahead of that.


Just a brief mention of Virginia being a school he hears from. He had that good game vs IMG with 15 points, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks (one on 2021 5* Moussa Diabte) and 2-2 from 3 (i think. I could be mixing it up with another box score I saw on the 3pt shooting).

Would be a solid Mamadi/Atkins/Gill role filler especially since he needs some additional muscle. Also seems to value academics with the offers. Tony and crew will get a good chance to scout him as his team will be playing Montverde, La Lumiere, and Sunrise Christian (all HS powerhouses) on ESPN first week of February.

It seems a lot of schools are selling him the “You can play the 3 and the 4 here”. At least its better than the “You will be a small forward for us guaranteed” lie.


So true on Dakich…although I would bet a lot of money that before he did anything like you are describing he would work in how he locked down Jordan in the S16 game from 84…it would be cool to ask him if he gets a Christmas card from Kenton Edelman every year though…

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Seth Trimble’s Hudl page has both offensive and defensive highlights. The kid is an ATHLETE. The biggest knock on him was consistent 3 point shooting and I think he pulled a Justin Anderson summer working on his 3 point shot. I also love how aggressive this kid is and how he doesn’t fear contact or finishing in the paint. We need guards who can get into the paint to kick out.


Better link if the ones above don’t work. They are long though. Please dont watch the whole thing if you do watch.

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