2022 Virginia Tennis Thread

just looked and both men’s and women’s brackets are 100% chalk - the top 8 seeds are the final 8 teams left. we’ll need the chalk to end for both men (7 vs 2) and women (5 vs 4) starting this weekend.


That streak ended today! A pair of upsets already today with #1 TCU losing to Kentucky and #3 Baylor losing to Tennessee. Hoos-Florida at 8:00, winner plays Tennessee


Hoos win 4-1! Onto the final four Saturday vs Tennessee


I stayed up and watched it, that was good stuff. It was tighter than 4-1 looks for sure, as Rodesch was down a set at #1 and Botzer was at like 5-5 in the 3rd set at #6.

Women up next at 2PM Eastern today against defending champion Texas. The #1 singles court should be a good watch, as Navarro at UVA is ranked #1 in singles in the country and Stearns at Texas is #2.


He had just won the 2nd set 7-5 about a minute before it ended.

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Yeah, same. This morning came really early, but it was worth it. Great win, that was a dogfight the whole way. Probably would have ended 4-3 with mostly tight matches.

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Is there a link to watch it?

Where/how did you watch? Would love to watch going forward. Thanks!

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Illinois is was the host, and if you went through there website there was a li k to something called TennisONE that had streams going of all 6 courts.

It looks a little janky especially on computers (I assume it looks better in their phone app), but it does work: TennisONE


Hoos go for the national championship tomorrow at 4!


It’ll be a rematch versus Kentucky who we beat in a tight 4-2 match earlier in the season


Anywhere to watch that?

Some years in the past, the championship has been broadcasted by ESPNU. This year from what I can tell, it’s just the TennisOne app/website again: TennisONE

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Yeah it’s better on phones or tablets.

I appreciate that they have had Mike Cation on commentary, who is basically the voice of tennis in the US that is below the elite pro level: Meet Mike Cation, the hardest working man in tennis | Tennis.com

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Doubles point!


the stream


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Looking promising, as they won the doubles point, and 4 out of 6 first sets. Just need to win 3 singles matches!

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best of 3 sets in ncaa tennis or 3 of 5?