2023-2024 College Football

We had a win over #12 ranked GT in 2011 that often gets overlooked, partially because I think they finished like 8-4 or something after starting out 6-0.


I’ll give you TCU as a splash win. After that, what have you seen that I haven’t? Im not saying he’s a lousy coach…just that this thing is already saturated.

The PAC actually looks like it is going to be pretty strong this year; you think CU is gonna be top 3? Not me. Top 6? Maybe. But I could see them being in the bottom half just as easily.

So why are we talking about them at all, let alone more than any other team in CFB? Honest question: like I said, I watched Saturday.

The Oregon game will be a real test and will go a fair way to clarifying the Prime CU sizzle vs steak topic for now.

FWIW, the coverage is tiresome, but my irritation comes from the simple fact that Coach Prime only retained 10 players from last year’s team. I find that hard to look past regardless of the results.

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Yeah….you said a mouth full there; that’s where your contention is lol Which gets to the point of why everyone is talking about them. You’re watching Deion Sanders become the king of the modern football college landscape in real time, because he understands the power of the transfer portal and NIL. He went out this off-season, ONE off-season, and essentially turned his entire team over, brought in some pretty ridiculous talent (that they never would come close to bringing in without him) and they’ve won three games to start the season coming off a one win year. I’m not saying they’re going to win the Pac12, I think they won’t be able to dream of stopping Oregon or USC, but he has them well on their way to winning 6 or 7 games. Think very many programs out there are gonna go +6 in the win column from one year to the next?? And this is only the beginning…that dude has already hosted multiple 4 and 5* recruits this season: think he isn’t gonna clean house in the portal this off-season? With all this coverage?
Again, you said it at the end of your post, you’re just mad at the way he’s done it.


Prime basically saw how the end game was going to play out and just jumped to the finish line. He is also the absolute perfect personality to make it happen.


Not that he would or UVa would pursue him, but can you imagine the culture clash of fans that would happen if he hypothetically came to Charlottesville?

I think I would buy a popcorn maker that perpetually made popcorn for a year.

Hungry Jason Clarke GIF by Originals


That’s honestly something that Prime has always been good at. He showed up to his final game at FSU in a tuxedo sporting a 0.0 GPA knowing he was going pro. He skipped the NFL Combine interviews and meetings knowing he was going to be a top pick and didn’t agree to do the song and dance. He was one of the first to take advantage of NFL Free agency getting to the SF and Dallas and consecutive Super Bowl runs.

He adapted to the Transfer Portal era perhaps better than anyone else and in typical Prime fashion he pushed it to the limit in his approach.

His antics are flashy and they can rub people the wrong way I certainly get that. But I will tip my hat and admit that behind all the glitz and flash he gets it and he’s shrewd and honestly has been ahead of the curve on a lot of things.


Loling at zero point zero haha


A great article in The Athletic speaks to how Deion wasn’t, for the most part, Prime Time when he was playing baseball. He was Deion.


The Buffs are heading towards some tough times this season and it will be a true test to what Coach Prime can do. CSU had and extra week to prep and it helped, but they also provided a blueprint on how to attack Colorado.

The lines are weak. The CSU dline lived in the backfield and gave Shedeur fits and for a good chunk of the game had him off balance. To his credit he fought through it and made plays when it mattered (kid can ball). But that CSU dline was nothing special and Colorado will face much better units in Oregon, USC, UCLA and the rest of the Pac12.

On defense Colorado got pushed around up front as well. CSU executed a nice ground attack and was able to churn up yardage on a regular basis. Again more traditional P5 opponents will be able to do the same against them.

Colorado has relied on an heroic performance from Hunter and Shedeur (both legit players) to skid by TCU, and Sheduer had to put on a 98 yard 4 min drive to tie the game against CSU. There’s not a lot of room for era for Colorado and it’s difficult for any team to execute at 100% all the time.

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Yea I get it when 1 and done basketball players do it for the 2nd semester but pretty sure he was the first football player to just say “yea… nah I’m not doing that”


Maybe you’re right about this. I think there’s a fair bit of lamentation (including from me) on the board about the trajectory of college football and Prime is out in front of those changes.

I think he’s shrewd at capitalizing on what he uniquely brings as a HC and recruiter. I think he’s shrewd at generating conversation and interest around his team. And I think in this brave new (and not necessarily improved landscape) he will do well.

So we agree, and my rhetorical question on why we watch is probably answered. We’re watching a new college football prototype develop in real time. That merits attention. I think we disagree on whether it merits praise.


And apparently he can really coach. I think his fundamentals so to speak get lost in all the hype and style


Agreed here. As somebody else basically said above, he is showing what the end state of all of the recent changes to college sports looks like. It is shrewd on his part - he is taking advantage of the new rules to the greatest extent possible as quickly as possible and finding success. But there is also the separate question of whether this is what we want college football to become.

Both things can be true: Prime is smartly exploiting the new system to great benefit for himself and Colorado, and many folks may start to turn off from college football if this is what its future looks like (not in terms of Prime himself or his personality, but the roster turnover, method of player acquisition, etc). Clearing out almost an entire roster - kids who were not just players but also students at the university - and replacing them in one offseason is incredibly far away from the prior model that college athletics has operated under for decades, and it’s fair to ask how far we want these changes to go.


I watched the Colorado postgame press conference, and one thing I found really funny was Deion clearly didn’t know his starting center’s name. I wonder how many players he actually knows by name. Here’s the exchange…

Reporter: Can you talk about Hank Zilinskas, the true freshman who got the start today?

Deion: Who?

Reporter: Your center

Deion: I’m sorry. I’m thinking of several different Hanks.

Reporter: Can you talk about him?

Deion: He stepped up.


He did play pro baseball so maybe Hank Aaron?

Hilarious response


The reporter even used the guy’s last name, Zilinskas, which should narrow down the Hanks in one’s life.


Dude can coach or at least find and build a great staff. He did coach up Shedeur who is a baller.


For the Braves, even.

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Welp that’s pretty self explanatory.