2023-2024 College Football

Him and Sanders both. 510 passing yards.


Also in other news BC lost to Northern Illinois in OT.


I need some of those Deion shades. You could probably stare at the sun with those things.

Where is that game on TV?

just ended

Colorado win?

Yep. 45-42.

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Sounds like a wild game

What makes this funny is the guy in the tweet is the “specific writer” lol.


Watching the JMU game against Bucknell. They’re only up 17-3 at half, for reference Bucknell went 3-8 at the FCS level last year.

  • JMU DLine is pretty good, which isn’t surprising. It was supposed to be the biggest strength of their team this year. They’ve given up a couple big plays but overall it’s gonna be another challenge for our OL next week, not to the level of Tennessee but still not easy.
  • JMU offense has looked rough. Their RB’s are gashing Bucknell’s defense but their passing game is nonexistent. The new QB for them is 3-11 with an INT and has looked lost in the pocket at times.

We SHOULD beat this team if we play fundamentally sound but it’s not a guarantee by any means. Their DL vs. our OL is the matchup I’m most worried about, along with potentially not having Muskett available.


Primetime is gonna shake things up. As a coach I look at it with skepticism anytime someone openly mocks culture. But it is fun to see someone unafraid to spar with the media


A little too Jim Jones-ish for me. He even had the shades.

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I believe that Colorado will be better than originally expected but I don’t think they’ll be anything special. I think there’s lots of value on Nebraska -1.5 next week vs Colorado. It was -7.5 before today. Nebraska outplayed Minnesota on the road and blew it at the end. Colorado had an impressive upset today, but I’m not sold on TCU at all. Think that team is overrated. On top of all that, Deion has a significant challenge this week. There will be a ton of positive coverage about how good Colorado is now, and that’s hard for a college team to handle if they aren’t used to it.

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Halftime in Blacksburg, 16-10 VT over ODU.

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Need VT to slow it down. Want odu to cover.

Watching Maye and Rattler play QB when they have time is a treat.

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30-17 VT now. Fumbles have killed ODU in the 2nd half, and VT has upgraded from having 0 dudes on offense to 1 now with Ali Jennings at WR.

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Got the night sweats going

Tech is still bad so at least we have that