2023 5-Star Recruit Kwame "KJ" Evans, Jr

Word is the Cavs will be headed down to Montverde Academy in the coming days to see the nearly 6’10" wing out of Baltimore. Currently rated #3 in his class by ESPN.

Catch everything you need to know about his game in this player evaluation (includes film): Player Evaluation


Lamar Odom?

CTB wouldn’t be wasting his time I guess if he thought this guy never plays college BB?

I guess some context is needed since it IS possible not everyone reads every post on every thread.

Someone from UVA (I don’t remember who) saw Kwame yesterday.

There are certainly some similarities.

I think Evans has a higher shooting trajectory path than LO, but not so much in the playmaking category as LO. It will be interesting to watch, though, because he still has two more years to grow and improve.


Yea just being long and lefty I guess make me think Odom. Also saw him play in NY as a HS junior back in the day and these highlights have same look. Of course back then 6-9 guys werent shooting as many threes as everyone does now. To your point


Not to sound like an old head but he just seems like a tall 3pt shooter. Not a lot of driving and aggression yet/am fearful he would just stand around on the perimeter. Of course it’s unlikely he is even a Hoo in the first place but we need some MFers to be blunt lol. I want to see tenacity combined with the ability to shoot an open 3.


It’s a valid concern. I, also, would like to see him use his skill set to attack the rim more often. The cool thing about Evans is that he is still finding his way and growing into who he is as a player; and has a couple more years at the prep level to figure it out. He is obviously oozing with potential.

As far as where he will end up for school, time will tell!


Want someone to blunt? Here ya go: we ain’t gettin’ this dude and we’re wasting time going to look at him.

Not wasting time at all. It’s minimal time. I think we don’t understand what really goes on in a recruitment LOL. No such thing as wasted time until in hindsight. And even then you build connections and relationships that help down the road.


You’re right on that for sure, there are just many things stacked against us here: Montverde recruit, 5* player, top 5 player in his class, etc.
If we ever landed even one player with a similar profile, I’d change my tune on this.

Of course. I agree with you in guessing that he will not be a Hoo but not even recruiting someone like him guarantees it. A self full-filling prophecy.


Exactly. Not sure when, or who…but, it will happen at some point…


Also wonder if is valuable to have a relationship with their program in general for future prospects etc. Do the coaches sometimes look at it that way?

Assistants sort of sweep through an area over a few days. Probably Williford going to FL, I don’t know. He’ll hit a handful of schools. Like Dylan James for one is right up the road from Montverde. Some of them tell every reporter and it gets repeated over and over, and others never mention it.

For example, all the kids they’re interested in around KY and OH say UVA is coming this week. Getter is making his rounds there. Each week it’ll be a different area.


I thought jwilly was his uncle. I mean maybe you can say no to your uncle and maybe you can say no to jwilly but no way you can say no to uncle jwilly


Yeah @HoozGotNext mentioned the family connection. But he’s a DMV recruit so it automatically cancels that out and the fact he’s at montverde means we will make his top 5 but that’s it.

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@Hooandtrue youre such a downer dude. Why can’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?

Cause we are a failed program where our bench players go to start at UNC.

(no joke UNC fans talk about how McKoy could start at the 3 for them…big oof unc).



With all the other players UNC brought in this offseason, I am honestly curious how much playing time McKoy will get. There’s part of me that wonders if he’ll get mostly shut out, but I’m not familiar enough with their line up. I wish him well, but not sure how that choice will shake out (or maybe he’ll make us eat crow, who knows).

There’s also a tiny bit of me that wonders if UNC went after him because he is decent enough to contribute (and yes, I know they offered him out of high school) but more to get insight into what we’re doing and what we’re running. Not that that’s a huge competitive advantage, but we’ve beaten them so many times recently maybe they decided to get whatever edge they could. The fact they took so many other dudes after landing him started to make me think that… but it’s probably not the case… probably.