2023 Men's Lacrosse

Old friend @brogdonfanpage roster breakdown. Hope Shellenberger can take the next step and become a legit Tewaaraton contender. Also hope our guys can beat some Maryland poles this year as that was the biggest issue against the Terps (although there probably won’t be any team near their level this year)


Nunes is really pedestrian this year. Not impressed with this guy at all. Hope this is just a slump…

For an undefeated team w/ a goalkeeper that is in a bit of a rut… I’ll take it. He has time to turn it around before the ACC & NCAA tourneys.


Big game tonight… hope folks are watching!

Tied 7 - 7 after the Terps just had a 4 goal run.

down 10 - 9 going into 4th quarter

Going into OT 13-13 vs Maryland if anyone is interested.

Wow. Maryland scores to pull ahead but their coach called a time out so score taken off the board. Heading to OT. On ACCN if anyone wants to watch



Disappointing end but that was one of the most ridiculous saves I’ve ever seen


Nunes can’t stop anything below his knees. Not all on him, but he needs to play better. Maryland was the better coached team, per usual (as Maryland usually is), we’ll get them in a few months…we are better.