2023 NCAA Tournament Thread

Tramon Mark double dribbled.



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I like this Penn St team. Can’t figure out how they were 10th in the Big 10.

Funk #10 moves like IMac.

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Penn State guy just got called for an illegal screen while he was dribbling the ball. I didn’t know that was possible.


Alabama is the only team remaining on the entire left side of the bracket that I thought had a legitimate chance to win it all when the tourney started. Let’s see how they fare tonight

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Like holding on the Saturdays. You can call that foul at any time in most any game.

Former h&t dream target Seth Lundy killing it on the boards

Some of us definitely appreciated Lundy’s semi garbage time 4 point play. PSU +5.5


I lost my bet on that play.

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So by the end of today, the mighty Big 10 could be 0-8 in getting teams to the S16.

Already 0-6, with Michigan St to play higher seeded Marquette, and IU with a toss up game against Miami.

Is the regular season narrative that it’s just really good teams and a balanced conference across the board ever going to end?


I would much rather they stack 6 games in the afternoon and then have only 2 in the evening, rather than the other way around. Right now all we get is Pitt getting blown out by Xavier, and it’s halftime for that matter, and I want to watch some basketball.

Liberty Wisconsin here I come


I am with you on the B1G being overrated. A look at the ACC/B1G challenge should have clued the experts in. That said the ACC could be the conference out in the cold at the end of the day. Clearly, our conference needs to get better but unfortunately it’s hard to do when we have been priced out of the conference arms race.

Liberty getting absolutely screwed by the refs in Madison. Been called for like 3 blocks that were charges. WI has been in the bonus since the 10-11 min mark.


Yeah, they switched 5-10 years ago, I think. It’s annoying. It’s a way to get more casuals eyeballs on prime time I guess.

Top game goes late afternoon on CBS (hence Kentucky and Duke). Whatever game shares that sight goes first.

Also, just remembered this is Sean Miller vs his alma mater.


Liberty Wisconsin has turned out to be a great game though. Going down to the wire.


Liberty let it slip away from them. Missed 3 that was halfway down for the lead and a missed tip after.


SEC and Big East legit

B1G and Big12 = phonies

ACC: the gutter?


If Michigan State loses to Marquette, then Miami-Indiana will be the last gasp for both the ACC and Big Ten to get a single team in the S16.

The Ivy got 1 team through to the second weekend. The CUSA probably will too (and if they don’t, the NEC will). The ACC could get 0… ugh.

Go Canes.