2023 UVa Offseason Chatter

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I’ll have to come back to this when I have a bit more time, and this is probably just a terminology thing, but I would have called most of these ball screen looks more of a “spread”. Rather than continuity. In 18-19, we tended to run more stuff that had movement off ball similar to Sides. But so many of the looks you highlight feature more guys camped on the perimeter (which was my simplistic way of differentiating).

I guess that’s (maybe part of the reason) why we call it Flow? Depending on how much flow is in your Flow, it can either look like Continuity, or it can look like Spread.

Compare all the videos on our continuity from '19 to your clips. Last year was much more static.

(I think you linked this Spins video the other day)

Sperber on Huff:



I guess to put a finer point on it, the continuity had “pairs” just like Sides. In the Dauster clip, where it’s best illustrated, it’s Guy (ballhandler) and Mamadi (screener). But nothing doing, so it goes to Key, and the new pair on the other side is Dre (ballhandler) and Key (screener). Still nothing, so reverse to Mamadi, and the final pair is Kihei and Mamadi. It’s a really visually pleasing offense, but all 5 guys need to be shooting or ballhandling or roll/lob threats.

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It’s a good point re: our offenses were more static this past season spreading it out - but continuity ball screen offenses really just mean any offense where the focus is regular ball screens that loop so that you can keep recycling the point of attack/maintaining the core shape. There are lots of versions of them. We run two main looks, primarily, but we call the overarching system “Flow,” and the main difference is just shape and point of attack (and the rest of the actions play off of that).

To your point - one is more spread and static with that corner/corner/wing formation and the ball screen attacking the middle of the court which is the one we ran much more as a base offense this year between the two (although you can see some clips of the other in there as well). Most often the primary ball handler works the middle but they can rotate trough and take other positions out of it with and of the wing/corners becoming the ball handler and having their position replaced.

The other is that offset version where they clear out a side and there’s a lot more rotation of point of attack within it. In 2019 there was a lot of that wing clear out action to free up a side of the court along with off-ball screens. Some of my clips do have those actions but we didn’t maintain out of those looks as regularly last year so there aren’t as many examples of us maintaining out of it. There was also sometimes a baseline cutter. We used Jayden mostly this year as that cutter but that 2019 team would often use Kihei or Guy. This past year we’d often just start in that offset formation already in how/where our PG brought the ball up so there was less movement to misdirect/get into that shape as it was more often a surprise attack. Then they’d switch to something else so there wasn’t that continuation.

They will attack from both angles (middle and wing) within the same sequence sometimes, though, and can move between either variation of the offense within the same set. I imagine we will see it more sustained this season (I hope so anyway).

That practice clip someone posted from before is the offset version with the post flares and pin down rotations which is featured more in the clips you just posted.

You wouldn’t be wrong to think of them as two distinct offenses within the same offensive system or as the same offense with different variations. I prefer the latter because of the “Flow” terminology the team uses and because the core actions are so similar.


@Cuts_from_The_Corner this is random and not related to the topic above but in your film breakdown, are you noticing if we are still of the mentality of bigs making a concerted effort to box out for the guards to grab the rebounds? And idk what your schedule is but could a breakdown of rebounding shortcomings be a topic to look further into? It seems to have plagued us the last two season, even with Kadin and Papi in the game.



More sides please

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I don’t think they were intentionally boxing out for the guards for the purpose of strategy. I think sometimes they struggled to disengage from the man they were boxing/it was a challenge to contain them - so instead they’d hold it throughout to just keep them away from the ball and that would allow the guards to collect.

For example, I’m thinking of Kadin and sometimes BVP, even Jayden at times where they’d have so much of their strength on their back foot/heels just to keep their man from moving toward the ball that they couldn’t then disengage and go get it. Kadin, especially, would get so low on his box out that he’d sometimes lose his height advantage or just lose out to quick reaction jumps because of how he’d have to recollect himself to get up.

I’ll definitely tackle rebounding some this season, especially if it starts to become either a glaring issue or advantage - but Ryan Dunn was the most positively impactful player to our rebounding margin last year, IIRC, and I think Minor will benefit from having a single man to box out rather than playing center field of the zone and having people crash on him. Blake should be a good rebounder too - and if Bond is on the floor with two other bigs, I really like our rebounding potential in those lineups.

We should be a much improved team on the glass this year and if we run into issues anywhere I imagine it’ll be mostly in Groves lineups (he’s not a bad rebounder technically, he’s just kind of more in that under-athletic mold we’ve had down there recently).

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I’m now of the mindset that Kadin just has a bad basketball body… just the wrong ratio of trunk to legs length… giraffe.

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Reckon he’ll be the one doing the elbowing if it comes down to it


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Like I used to say when I swatted away shots in the seventh-grade basketball league (I was the tallest kid then, I didn’t know that was going to be pretty much it for my height), “get that shit out of here.”




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Dunn put in work in the weight room :eyes: