2023 UVa Offseason Chatter

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Inspired by various discussions about “what does a PG do anyway?” and “do positions exist?”: How would you classify the different roles that you think exist on the ideal TB roster? I think it makes the most sense to separate offense from defense when we are talking about roles.

From 2012-2018 or so, I would have said there are three offensive roles: mover, blocker, and blocker who shoots 3s, but I’m not sure that still is true. Defense is a little more nebulous to me in terms of roles, as any difference in role seems driven by players’ individual skill-sets and talents, but it does seem that TB aims for some sort of complementary balance of abilities on defense too.

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Ideal CTB lineup, that is reasonably achievable, looks to me like

1x big lead guard (Ty, Malcolm, sort of Reece)
2x other guards/wings with + shooting and adequate handling ability (e.g., Kyle Guy, McKneely, Hall)
2x defensive forwards with optional offensive prowess (e.g., Mamadi, Braxton, Wilkins, Dunn, hopefully Minor)

That’s also why I think if things went well, the current roster looks a lot better because you have

Reece who is basically that big lead guard
McKneely Rohde who are your two shooting wings/guards
Dunn and Minor as two defensive forwards.

To me, this roster allows you to maximize a lot of the CTB system but is also achievable on the recruiting trail. We should be able to find guards/wings who want to get open 3s off of screens and have plenty of minutes available with the three-guard lineup, there are going to be forwards who don’t get crazy offers because they aren’t shooters but are still athletic.


Took a stab at the Blue/White scrimmage lineups, one with Reece/no Cain, one with Cain/no Reece.

With Reece:
Blue - Reece, Gertrude, Minor, Rohde, Groves, Robinson
White - Harris, McKneely, Buchanan, Bond, Dunn, Murray

With Cain:
Blue - Harris, McKneely, Buchanan, Bond, Groves, Murray
White - Cain, Gertrude, Minor, Rohde, Dunn, Robinson

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I’m hardly a Blue/White scrimmage expert, but I feel like I recall people on the boards saying that the rosters switched at “halftime” of last year’s game.


I think he rested his case on this one. This is the cheat sheet atleast on the 1-2 spots for sure

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Yeah, they do. Think they make adjustments based on how the game is going 1st half. From what I remember it’s not usually more than 1-2 switches.


I’m concerned we don’t have enough depth at the redshirt position next season.


I think it’s safe to say that next year will be the hardest to predict since CTB arrived.

If Reece doesn’t return, we’ll have only one returning player who averaged more than 15 minutes a game; four players who haven’t played a minute of college basketball; and two players who haven’t played a minute for a major conference team. Plus two players who have played in a major conference but have legit question marks about what they can offer. To top it off, everyone is new, so it’s impossible to tell how the team will play as a unit, especially on defense.

On the other hand, we’ll also have arguably our most athletic team under CTB, with potentially good depth and flexibility.

In other words, the ceiling is high, but the floor is low. Who the hell knows where we’ll land.


This is pretty good, looks like a 2014-2016 CTB lineup. I do think he likes having at least one forward on the roster who can shoot, just based on who they recruit. But like you, I’d prefer that be a luxury add if you can get it, or to hit on one of the defensive forwards developing more perimeter offense than expected. Feels like if we can have two 6’8”+ players with mobility, length, and defensive instincts on the court, that sets the defensive floor pretty high.


With such a big plane, hopefully a mile-long runway.

EDIT: Unless our plane has a tailhook, but we lost to Navy last time out. D’oh.


Yeah it just seems easier to land Dunn-types than to land and pan out the JARs/Stattman’s who are big and hope they can shoot at this level.

I think about if we had taken a less athletic, better handles/shooter over Casey and a really springy athlete over the offensive promise of JAR how things might have looked but you never know


Exactly- I like our response in the backcourt to pick up the iMACs, Rhodes, and hopefully Blue Cain’s/ Ty Davis’ which are equivalent in *type to the Kyle Guys who *will hit shots, and then back them up with the Dunn’s and hopefully Robinsons whom are equivalent in type to the Braxton Keys and Mama-D’s in the front court vs. us “trying” to split the difference with the guys whom we had a couple of years back whom are not outstanding in one way or another.


Y’all are so excited about all these young hotshots, and Tony’s gonna start Groves, Minor, & Taine.

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Taine surprised me (and most of us judging by the survey monkey I ran in March) by returning. I’m hoping he hits a new gear and stars for us in 20 minutes a game at the 3, but I’m expecting he plays about 10% of available minutes. Amazing he’s our longest-tenured returning player if RB leaves.


Saw a post elsewhere from an acquaintance who is pretty reliable. He has some decent sources. He said if Reece Beekman returns, Armaan Franklin has said he would return, too. Of course, this would raise all kinds of questions for which I have no answers. Just passing it along to stir the broth.


Uh… I hope not

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That’s likely true…but from a month ago or so. No chance that happens now.


Can I get old news for 100 Alex?