2023 UVa Offseason Chatter

Yes Dunn been working out. And Blake too. His neck is wider than his head.


Listed Groves as a guard at the end :thinking:

I wonder if they leave it up to the players to list their positions? There have been other examples, especially with wings, where they aren’t always consistent in how they list them.

Official roster lists him as a forward, Dunn as a guard, Bond as a guard/forward.

Some notable ones from the past: Key and Hunter were guards.

I think it’s from the Bennett nomenclature: wings are movers and therefore guards and posts are screen-setters/blockers and therefore forwards and/or centers.


Imagine if they got listed as “blocker” and “mover.” Football depth charts have weird scheme-specific roles listed, don’t they?


Mike Curtis has been doing work. These are some grown ass men. Ryan Dunn is chiseled. Blake B looks like a tight end (who can also jump out of the building). Jordon Minor is a beast. Im not sure ive ever seen a UVA team with this kind of physicality (including the 14-16 teams). This is UVA basketball …


I can’t read it but maybe someone can

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Imagine if we had mopey Traudt on the team now next to those dudes, flipping his hair to the side like justin bieber.

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Hey Fish, who would you go camping with?

Um, just my girlfriend.


Real footage of Mopey Traudt when he couldn’t call his girlfriend from his hotel in Rome.

“Mommy, I hate it heeeeeeereeeeee”


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McKneely looks thick too. Was not expecting him to fill out that fast

Feel like you all are going a little far with this traudt stuff, just my opinion.


Can we talk about Blake’s neck? JFC dude


Hey man just trying to pass the time until Kon commits or another video of the team doing a cooking class pops up.

But you’re right… no need to rehash the Traudt stuff. Just found it interesting that there could be some, I don’t wanna say “bad blood” but maybe some bridges burned with the transfer. Oh well, at least Dunn, Bond, and McKneely all seems really close.


It’s unreal. Have we had a more physically imposing 1st year in the Tony era? Justin Anderson pops into my head but Blake is CUT


Yeah, looking at past transfer out, the guys on the team still were chatty with them on Insta and stuff. Like no one on the team held bad feelings toward Morsell or JAR or anything. Fish…not quite the same impression.


He is certainly more stout than any of the “skilled” centers we have brought in (i.e. excluding jack and papi). the question remains how skilled (and defensively aware) is he this year vs. what we saw from tobey/huff/facefoul at the point where they began to earn meaningful minutes.

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Wife: What ya doing?

Me: Just looking at necks. Of 18 year olds.


It’s probably just as simple as he had his mind made up early and was always one foot out the door. Hard to build relationships when you’re as good as gone mentally, and I’m sure the rest of the team knew that. Not playing has to compound that too.

Anyway, not worth re-litigating. I was young and in love once too and made some, let’s put it gently, questionable decisions lol


Yeah…didn’t we all make mistakes for what we thought was love? And then again, for some people it didn’t turn out to be a mistake at all.

At least none of us pulled a Mel Tucker.