2023 UVa Offseason Chatter

And he is working that mullet.

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Not worth it for the UVa coverage. Goodman did the ACC. Goodman is a solid reporter, but he’s not a very good analyst and he doesn’t really follow us much, and he got nothing out of Bennett that you couldn’t have guessed. Tony thinks we are young, and have question marks. I mean, wow, very enlightening. #sarcasm

I like Field of 68 and the Almanac generally (have defended them against you pitchfork wielders before), but they don’t do a good job covering UVa.

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:rofl: Dying . . .

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There is a reason Mopey Traudt and Shed were always seen chopping it up on the bench…they both knew and so did the rest of the team.

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Goodman is well-known UVa basher…and Bennett gets under his skin. That is an objective fact if you follow Goodman. And it’s not surprising a degenerate drunk like Goodman doesn’t like Tony and UVa…we do things the right away, run a clean program and TB is the exact polar opposite human being to Goodman.

If Goodman wasn’t busy drinking, gambling, getting in bar fights, heckling kids at little league, and pretending he’s a journo, he would be a bagman for programs like Bama and Memphis. That’s who he is [allegedly - for legal purposes].




Jagged Edge Hello GIF by Verzuz

A couple other minor nuggets, from the ACC coach’s poll picks:

  • Player Who Scares You the Most: Kyle Filipowski, Duke

:laughing emoji: times 10

  • Hardest Team to Prepare For: Clemson

I mean, why? Because you think Brownell is a solid dude, and it’s really easy to beat his teams, and that makes you sad?

  • Best Development Staff: Virginia

No joke on this. Just objectively true.


Busy researching Tarleton St. while I wait for Kon to make his first social media post ever, and I am a little worried Tarleton St will be this year’s NCC. Meaning that Tony will pick a conservative lineup, the conservative lineup starters won’t build a lead, and that will mean (paradoxically, apparently, only to me), that the conservative lineup has to keep playing.

Billy Clyde. Actually decent in WAC. Solid JUCO talent.

Stop your Kon anxiety and start your Tarleton Texans anxiety, folks. :grimacing:


Got a good feeling about this year. Lots of talent, and importantly, it feels like the guys really like each other. I’m expecting early headaches but I think this group will have good chemistry = defined roles = WINNING. Go hoos.


As the conservative lineup includes iMac, and I conservatively estimate he will drain 8 3s in the first half, I believe Tony will have the chance to substitute liberally.


What’s the conservative lineup? With this few number of returning minutes, I’m not sure what being conservative is in practice.

It involves a lot of Harris and groves


Probably - I’d also like to keep my options open for which lineup I like the least. I will be releasing my top 5 least favorite lineups soon, and then will drop hints which one I will really hammer Tony for the most, as the season gets closer.

Please respect my decision.


I will get made about lineups that have Groves but neither Dunn nor Bond.

More earnest response: my meta criticism of Tony the past two years is that we were not very good in the first half of Navy 2 years ago, first game, and then we proceeded to not change very much for two full years, which is why we never really improved that much and please don’t tell me about the ACC reg thing yeah I saw it and now I have to write this run on sentence but really we were the same team and the Torvik numbers prove it.

If something isn’t working to start the season, I’d like to see Tony change. (and he’ll have to)

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Until Groves hits four threes in a game

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Four threes, four fouls, five bad close outs

We should figure out in advance which games Groves will hit 4 threes and play him a lot in those, and play him less in the games where he misses several threes. Not sure how to do it, but I’m not a HOF coach, am I?