2023 Virginia Football

I went to the Military Bowl. Had front row seats on 15 yard line the right behind our bench. Was just walking down to our seats when we returned the opening kickoff for a TD (to the end zone opposite the one I was closer to).

That’s all I remember from that game. I think my brain and body froze shortly thereafter and I have no recollection of anything else before I was in my car driving home.


Oh man I remember seeing that score come in. Absolutely brutal.

09 vs Tech is another brutal one. I was out in the parking lot tailgating with a few old school hoos. Walked in at the start of the 2nd half watch throw a pick on the first play I saw, didn’t even make it to my seat, walked right back out to the parking lot and fried a turkey.


That was the most miserable I’ve ever physically felt.


Can’t imagine how miserable that must have been.I was in pain in my cozy den watching my big screen tv (and thinking, “It must be miserable out there”)

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Played in that mess…


So heavy downpours expected Friday night. Will the crowd hit 25K?

Paid? Yes.

Turnstile count? Doubtful.


State may bring more fans than we do.

A few of them likely ginger shiffletts from the Buckeye State.

What service is saying heavy downpours during the game? My 2 say 10-20 % of showers.

My forecast calls for heavy downpours of uva fans’ tears after K2 commits to Duke in the afternoon and Armstrong smokes us that night.

It will truly be a great day to be a wahoo.


Die Parks And Recreation GIF

So cold our beers were freezing in our plastic cups trying to tailgate before the game. And (almost) all downhill from there.



Slightly late but Happy Heavenly Birthday to D’Sean. Hopefully his family, friends, and the program were able to celebrate his life today.

Good reminder to myself how proud I am of the great people on the staff and on the team, although I may be frustrated with their on field results.


For me, the worst game experience was at Tech in ‘90. Got the tickets about halfway through the season (before GT), thinking this would be the game that sealed 11-0 and a bowl appearance that would let us play for the national title.

Of course after GT the wheels fell off…Shawn got hurt in the Maryland game and didn’t even play against VT. It was freezing cold and windy in Blacksburg (shocking)…their fans were especially obnoxious that game…and we got stomped. All around miserable experience.


I was at that game with my father and brother. My enduring memory is of the Tech students throwing saccharine packets onto the field late in the game to mock our Sugar Bowl bid (back then, the bowl committees extended invitations before the season was over). Like you said, from the weather to the on-field action to the fan behavior, everything about that night was awful.


And it wasn’t even that great of a Tech team. Think they won 5 or 6 that year and didn’t go to a bowl.

But it was on that night that I realized (and it hasn’t changed in 33 years) that the rivalry means a lot more to them than us.


Disagree. We’ve beat them only twice this century (and 1-17 since they joined the ACC). At this point, it’s just a free win on their schedule.

Rivalry exists but it’s not a competitive one. If it means more to them, it’s just because of general apathy from losing by us Virginia fans.

Edit: actually apologies @GulfCoastHoo - speaking of my own experience which is a different era than yours!

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It’s definitely not competitive in the last 2+ decades, but my point was it just means more to them. Neither team is good this year, but at the end of season game I’d expect as many or maybe more Hokies in Scott than Hoos.

Since Welsh left it feels like I’ve watched a team (on our side) that saw it just as another game. It’s never “just another game” for them.


I remember as far back as Fall 95 – which was an interesting game for sure – older dudes claiming that UNC was a much bigger rival, when my actual experience of the intensity of the rivalry among people my own age was significantly different.