2023 Women’s Swimming National Champions

I know we are all feeling a bit sad this morning but I want to give a huge shout out to the swim team for absolutely wrecking the field and winning a national title yesterday


That would be UVA’s 28th National Title of all-time… and that’s 28 more than VT has


They might have won it last year so that this would have been 29. They came back with a mission - not quite the same as the 2019 version of men’s basketball. Kudos to the team and coaches for buying in and achieving. And the future looks very bright indeed.


Huge shout out to them for sure


Love it! One of my two kids who played college sports is a diver (not at UVA), and the swim and dive kids may have the most team spirit of any sport. Every meet is a party for the kids and the parents. So happy that the UVA women have finally reached the top. Great video celebrating the accomplishment: National Champs!


Love the video. Good share.

UVA does have women’s swimming tonight that’s going for 3rd straight national title.Lets go Lady Hoos!


Go aqua-Hoos!

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Serious question: does swimming ever have trash-talk? How would it work?

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Are we favored to win it?

Yes, could be tight with Texas’ divers, but our women are serious alpha females. Pretty special to watch, actually - some of the best in the world and getting better.


can follow each session on SwimSwam. Huge 200IM final tonight with Kate Douglass, Alex Walsh, and Ella Nelson, with Gretchen Walsh leading qualifiers in the 50 Free, including Lexi Cuomo.


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did you mean to post 2021 scores? Meet just started last night…

No. Shoot. Thanks for letting me know.

No prob at all!
Kate Douglass just smashed the American record in the 200IM, becoming the first woman under 1:50 with a 1:48.37. Unbelievable.
Here’s tonight’s finals article to follow along if interested. UVA goes 1-3-4 with Alex Walsh and Ella Nelson. Walsh is actually the world champion in long-course 200IM, so this was pretty special.


Kate Douglass is the GOAT.

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Saw a cool article this week about the sports science involved in their swimming and diving program:

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