⚾ 2024 Baseball

Hoos were at Maryland yesterday for 16 innings of fall baseball scrimmaging.

On the way up, they got in a practice at Nationals Stadium on Friday and took in the Caps season opener too.

First scrimmage went 9 innings with the Hoos winning 16 to 6.

Second scrimmage went 7 innings with the Hoos taking it 8 to 2.

Bad day to be a Terp, as usual.


I think we can use this kid. Make the call BOC!

From what I read about him he’s more than likely Vandy bound.

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We’ve got a guaranteed World Series ring coming home this year with Josh Sborz on the Rangers and Pavin Smith on the DBacks.

Jake McCarthy should also get a ring if Arizona wins but he’s currently on the injured list after hurting himself in warm ups prior to their playoff opener.


Last weekend, baseball wrapped its fall exhibition schedule when they hosted ECU for two, seven inning scrimmages.

The Hoos blew an early 5-0 lead in the first leg to trail 7-6 entering the Bottom of the 7th. A wild pitch from the Pirates scored a run and we had a tie.

The Hoos cruised in the second leg, winning 7 to 3.

All that’s left in the fall is the Iron Cavalier workout challenge. It’s usually an individual contest but they’re grouped into small teams this year. It remains to be seen if there will be individual winners this year (pitcher and non pitcher).


For those that notice such things, we no longer have Rawlings as our gear provider.

Gloves are from Wilson. And bats are from DeMarini. Both brands fall under the same corporate umbrella.

Wilson Sporting Goods owns the Wilson, DeMarini, Evo Shield, and Louisville Slugger brands. Wilson is owned by Finnish multinational Amer Sports.


The F ever happened to Voit? Or were those only basketballs?

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They made shoes you never wanted to be spotted wearing too.


Ok. What about Mikasa?

I don’t know about Mikasa. I thought they made dishes. :man_shrugging:

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Mizuno? I definitely had some mizuno gear. Must have been fancy. :wink:

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@KarlHess see man @haney never knows where to stop


I’ve never seen Mikasa baseball equipment. I think they only make inflatable balls and I’ve only ever seen their volleyballs in stores.

Old school basketballs

It had to be done



Hope they do some kind of team glove reveal video. Wilson gloves have the most drip

Hopefully there’s a pill for that.

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We got this. And further down their feed and on IG is the standard UVA still pics for a few additional shots.



Incomplete without scenes of them getting off the bus.


None of them appear to be dripping (though one looked like it may have had paint dripped on it) but some of those look great.

I’d have bought some of those over the Catfish Hunter I had as kid in a heartbeat

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