🗺 2024 Conference Realignment thread

The old one had 2.4k posts. Time for a new one #DeathtotheACC



Where do you want UVA to be in 4 years

  • B1G
  • $EC
  • Big12
  • Independent
  • ACC (and hope the current ACC finds a way to stay alive)
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I put Big 10. Just can’t see us being competitive in football in the SEC…middle of the pack in the Big 10 is at least feasible. Plus it would restart the Maryland rivalry.


I needed more info for the ACC option. I prefer the ACC if it could come close to the Big 2 in money. But “finds a way to stay alive” sounds more like a struggling conference. Maybe I’m overthinking it. I really don’t feel too strongly either way between SEC or B1G, as long as we’re not left out.


And the countdown begins to the 2 merging and 1 super conference.

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I always overthink multiple choice tests. But tthen Im also too lazy for a free response quiz/ I can get away with not knowing much with multiple choice. The answer is right there in front of me. Just need to pick it

I voted SEC. Actually don’t care SEC vs Big Ten. Pains me to say anything other than ACC. But after the latest expansion, it’s not the ACC anymore.


Culturally, I’d much prefer UVA head down the SEC path vs the Big 10. Just my preference/opinion


I understand there’s many fans who have an affinity for the ACC and the rivalries we’ve built up over the course of our history. Don’t wanna invalidate that stance. But watching how badly the conference heads have botched their own business deals over the past 10-15 years and subsequently put every member in the ACC at a financial disadvantage in comparison to the SEC and B1G, I personally want us out. Have overused this analogy in talking about this, but the ship is sinking and we need to find a lifeboat if we wanna stay competitive athletically for decades to come.

I voted SEC over B1G because from our standpoint I view it as which sport do you want to put in a bind, Baseball vs. Lacrosse and I don’t wanna see our baseball program suffer because of a move to the B1G. Also think our lacrosse team would do fine even if they had to go independent, we’re a top 3 brand in that sport.

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I voted B1G, but honestly, if there is a zombie ACC subdivision in whatever super conference/super league that the B1G and SEC form, that’s where we should end up.


This is what’s going to happen anyways. LOL. Like reinventing cable with all these streaming services being bundled together.

both the SEC and the B1G will have an east coast/atlantic division that may even match up with the other conference’s similar division in cross conference games.


exactly what I would wish to happen - it honestly just seems like semantics of what they’re ultimately going to call it but give me an 8 team pod with as many of the original ACC members in it as possible and I’ll be happy


And the ACC decided the best course was to add more dead weight to the ship.

This is kinda karma. ACC was the one who started all this mess poaching bigeast schools. Kinda backfired. If Miami Pitt weren’t atrocious football wise it coulda worked.


Massive woulda coulda shoulda but you’re right.

At the end of the day it does not matter where UVA goes. Best case scenario the B1G and SEC are a super league in 5 years and UVA is granted access by being a member of either conference. Or they are off in the ACC sub division which isn’t the worst thing in the end either depending on the structure of the Super League.

The bottom line is the conferences as we know them will no longer exist so none of it matters.


POD 1:UVA, UNC, FSU, Clemson, South Carolina

POD 2: Mizzou, Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas

POD 3: Bama, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss St., Kentucky

POD 4: LSU, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Vandy

20 teams, it’s unbalanced as hell and you’d have to figure out what scheduling works best but I could see something like this in the future.


It is crazy how in one decade we went from rumors of Texas being poached by the PAC-12 to the PAC-12 no longer even being a conference. Just shows how quickly things change, and while that could mean a turnaround for the ACC I just don’t see it happening. Think they go the same way of the PAC or at best are relegated to a G5 conference with the seven rumored to leave being replaced by the likes of JMU/App State/Coastal Carolina etc.

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Football drives the bus in college athletics and most ACC programs (excluding Clem and FSU) don’t really care about football the way SEC teams and most Big 10 teams do. ACC is weak football and it is dying.

At the same time, given the deal the ACC heads strapped us with a decade ago we were pretty screwed financially regardless of how well our football teams did. Just horrible foresight.

If football is the only driving force then we’re likely fucked, but I genuinely don’t think it is. I think the SEC would take us on the basis of our entire athletic department being strong, and I think the B1G would take us from a fit standpoint.

Pod 1: uva, Unc, Maryland, Penn state, Rutgers (the only bad one in what is otherwise great rivalries)

Pod 2: Ohio state, Michigan, Michigan state, Indiana, Purdue

Pod 3: Illinois, northwestern, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Pod 4: Nebraska, washington, Oregon, usc, ucla.

Play your pod and one other each year on a rotation basis. Winners of the 2 pod pairings (effectively a 10 team division) go to a conference championship. In the years that pod 1 and 3 aren’t paired, it’s great rivalries and road trips. And when pod 1 and 3 are pairs we could possibly reach a conference championship (and the playoff) in our best years.

Sign me up.

Edit: it’s why I voted big 10. There is a path to great rivalries, fun road trips, and potential semi regular relevancy.

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That’s what makes this question hard to answer for me, and I always default to “as is.”

I don’t want to be in the SEC or the Big Ten as they existed a few years ago, but I don’t know what they’ll look like in a few years (or several years). Feels like the entire structure of football and high majors in general is changing before our eyes.