🏀 2024 Men's Basketball Offseason

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ARob is gonna be a beast. I’m legit excited to see what he does in game situations because what I’ve seen I like a lot.

Same for Bliss he’s bigger than when I saw him in Dec. The 6’4 is legit he’s good good size and I LOVE his work ethic. I’ve said it before but before the surgery he was the first guy on the court after games getting shots up and putting in an hr or more of work. Dude has a plan and knows how to go about it. Like he said in the article that year of learning and understanding the attention to detail that’s required will benefit him.


What an amazing breakthrough the redshirt year has been for our development as a species. Never before in the history of man has a person been able to add weight or build muscle. Kudos to the geniuses who brought us the hoops redshirt.

Happy to report that “not playing hoops for 15 years” has also helped me add weight. I’m sure the muscle will be along any day…


More earnestly, I think the staff is great at properly valuing the benefit of down time to bulk guys up and add muscle in getting better at high level hoops.

I wish the staff was as good as properly valuing the benefit of playing high level hoops in getting better at high level hoops.

(On the merits, though, I’d rate the redshirts of Bliss and ARob as lesser sins in the RS realm.)

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We talked about it some in the Dragon’s Lair thread, but based on what Curtis shared about their methodology, he has guys on different training frequencies and intensities based on how much they are being counted on to play. So ARob probably hit the workouts a lot harder than Blake because he didn’t need to be ready to see the floor…that game day workout was probably equivalent to what a rotation player would only do if they had some time off between games.

Now if your point is “still treat him like a redshirt in terms of development but just don’t put the shirt on him,” sure. I guess I don’t know in which category they put the guys who are basically out of the rotation but still available.

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I don’t know the first thing about weight/strength training but what I do know is plenty of guys bulk up without missing a year of hoops. How they do that? Would they have bulked up better somehow if they hadn’t played?

I’d be the last one to know, I just know it’s possible to do it without.

I’m the world’s biggest advocate of sabbaticals for washed 40 somethings. Just not sure I see the value of a sabbatical for an 18 year old kid playing hoops.

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Bliss is a sicko in the Ty Jerome mold. Loves Rise and Grind quotes.

When I watched him play the AAU games last summer he was noticeably way more intense than anything else on the court. Clapping, diving. He played angry and focused. Going to be a favorite.


When will Ryan Dunn’s draft announcement come?

  • Before Noon Wednesday
  • Later
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Does he fully dive in or keep the option of returning to college?

  • He’s gone, not looking back
  • Testing lane
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Meltdown! We are one more scheduled game away from not playing in MSG next season:

Meltdown squared! If I have to go to Jersey to see the Hoos next season, I’m gonna be pissed!

Meltdown cubed! If I can’t even see the Hoos in Jersey next season, then … ugh … let’s not even contemplate it.

Edit - oof, it’s even worse. Pitino filled out another home and home slot:

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What’s the connection?

Of what to what?

Pitino to his son: fatherhood

MSG to Wahoo hoops: we should be playing there

Me to caring about this issue: I’d like to see UVa hoops again without having to book a trip


From Rick Pitino to Kevin Bacon? Read on:



That’s awesome

We in the 34% and then 43% nailed it.


Lunardi bracketology out for 2024/2025 season… a bit ridiculous.

But he has us as first team out lol


This is how he filled out the bracket

season 1 friends GIF




Poor Leonard Hamilton. That ain’t right


There should not be an 11-spot difference between Coach L and Ham.

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Agreed he wasn’t that bad. Will also feel bad for him because 2020 was his season and covid stole it from him.


This guy knows nothing, he thinks SMU is in the ACC lol