'21 - '22 In-Season ACC Basketball Chat

Figured I’d start this one since folks are adding posts to multiple threads on this topic.

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So with Wendel Moore down for Duke and the early ACC losses any readjustment for who will come out on top? Top 5 in ACC?

… and yes… I know these will all be hot takes.

I’m afraid the VT hype may turn out correct. Still not sure how good they are but the rest of the ACC looks very vulnerable

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Need to be careful with these early season games. I mean, we lost, Louisville lost, FSU lost (albeit to a pretty good FL team). Lots of other ACC teams have struggled so far. Both UNC and Duke struggled in game 2. Let’s revisit in a month, but yea, early indications are it’s gonna be another down year for the league. Outside of of Duke, FSU and unfortunately VT, it’s gonna be a crap shot. UNC. Louisville and Syracuse all have the roster construction to be good if they put it all together. Was impressed with Cuse last night, they will shot their way to a lot of wins (a la us last year). Back to VT real quick, they better do something this year, because it will be slim pickens next year with little in the way of reinforcements coming.

I still have no idea about us, will know better in 10 days (after UH, CSU, GA and prob Prov).

We are probably below the above teams but will benefit for really everybody else either being bad or mediocre.


I’m not surprised VT looks good against low major opponents. They’re well coached and some of their guys are pretty skilled. But I suspect they’ll run into some problems when they face teams that are more athletic than them


This is generally my feeling as well. VT is supposed to be a good team this year. They showed signs last year and they have added experience etc. Beating up on low major opponents is exactly what they should be doing. I hate to say it they are on that second tier of ACC teams which the Hoos may be floating around this season too.


Yeah this is definitely Tech’s year if they want to make noise. Not going to get many opportunities like this, especially considering how senior laden their team is. Personally, I think their floor is higher than most teams but just not sold on their ceiling.

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Wendell Moore is hurt? I don’t see anything on Google or Twitter. He had a triple double in their last game (edit - sorry, that was against Army. But v Campbell he played 33 mins and scored 15. No indication of an injury).

My views on the ACC haven’t changed too much:

  • I still think Duke is the best team, but the ultimate question is how well they shoot. So far, not so great. But better against Campbell. They had a nice game in the bright lights v UK, and then a solid win vs Army and one so-so win against Campbell. I didn’t see the latter two, but at the end of the day, they were both double digit wins that weren’t really competitive down the stretch.
  • UNC has a lot of good weapons but it’s going to take some time to knit them all together, plus there’s some volatility with a rookie head coach.
  • I thought FSU didn’t have the pieces (high end talent) they’ve had the last few years, so they probably won’t be as good.
  • VPI is a relatively old team with pretty good talent, so they’ve taken care of business.
  • Cuse has a bunch of good shooters; not sure what else
  • Louisville has no continuity in their staff and lots of new pieces, and is going to struggle early, and it’s not clear how high the ceiling is.
  • I expected Miami to surprise, and so far they haven’t, so my biggest surprise is probably that Miami isn’t surprising.
  • Tbh, my biggest early season ACC surprise is that we lost to Navy, but that’s because I tend to obsess over the UVa details, as opposed to taken a longer view. At the longer view: our top 100 talent is young and inexperienced, and we are heavy relying on transfers to play big roles. And so we shouldn’t be surprised I guess…

Yeah. I definitely felt like VT was overhyped last year as their ACC performance was based on by far the easiest schedule in the ACC (thanks to a bunch of really convenient Covid-based cancellations).

But this year they have probably the best returning player in the ACC (Aluma), they’re one of the top schools in the ACC in terms of returning minutes and experience, and the rest of the ACC is kind of underwhelming. Things are in place for them this season to actually be the team VT fans thought they had last season.

Similarly, when the media picked Duke to finish first in the ACC, my first thought was “Seriously? Again? They have all these flaws!” But then I started looking at everyone else. And I thought well, I have to admit that while Duke may not look great, they do look good and I can’t point to anyone else I’d pick ahead of them.


I think there are some steep drop offs in the ACC this year. I agree with a lot of what @haney said. I think Duke is the top of the league. A lot of talent, the Coach K last year gimmick and no other team has enough of everything. They will have an off shooting night and lose a random game but over 20 games they’ll will 17 or 18 and be the only one left standing while the rest of the league beats each other other.

UNC could be fairly special, but they have a lot of moving parts that need to gel and that’s something they failed to do in the last 2 yeas of Roy not sure that a new coach is enough to change all that.

I have to give VT love because they are basically the most consistent team in the league that also boast talent. In some ways they are filling the role UVa usually occupies. Experienced players bought into a system. Syracuse is also an experienced team, but as long as they are tied to the 2-3 I think the game has passed them by esp if Buddy has an off shooting night.

I think this is one of those years where the ACC beats itself up and you get the bulk of the teams floating around .500 and you don’t know exactly what you have with the majority of the teams.


Will be interesting as Duke has a game tonight. Sure we’ll see the tried and true one game suspension

Duke basketball’s Paolo Banchero and Savarino charged in DWI | Raleigh News & Observer (newsobserver.com)


C’mon Forest, have a little faith in Coach K. He’s a man of honor. I’d suspect this will at least end in an indefinite suspension, lasting as long as…1 game.

Awful to hear. Proly tough lesson learned early for Banchero

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Banchero received a citation for aiding and abetting a DWI. Which is basically a citation saying he knew the driver was impaired/drinking and allowed him to drive. They don’t charge that in most states to my knowledge but NC is an exception.

Coach K’s grandson was the driver and received the actual DWI. He probably gets the suspension. I would guess maybe Banchero doesn’t start.


They’ll be suspended 3 games tops. Back in time for Gonzaga!

Stupid move, A 1 game suspension is fine by me as a penalty for poor judgement. Anything more than that is excessive in my book.

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Banchero might not start. That’ll be it for him.

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I’d be okay with that, or sit him a half.

This happening during the Coach K retirement tour is probably not exactly what he wanted.


I bet Banchero made K’s grandson be the fall guy – “we’re both drunk but you drive.”