'21 Virginia Football

Good work. I think we’re done here.

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I mean football pants basically are yoga pants so they could pull it off.

Now who do we have to liquor up to get thia deal moving?


Lululemon has something like a $50 billion market cap. PTJ ain’t that rich.


I know you guys are joking around, but 1) apparently lots of football coaches wear Lululemon khakis and 2) the company’s market cap is 50 billion which is approximately 7x PTJ’s net worth. A more plausible sports apparel company is Gildan.

I wonder if Eric Anderson would see any value for a space tourism company supporting a college football team. Doubt it.

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I shouldn’t’ve left my post in draft for an hour while doing other stuff.

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It’s $45 billion with a net cash balance sheet. We borrow $50 billion from the endowment. Paul puts up a few billion. I contribute one hundred dollars and my expertise in yoga for a 10% equity position and we have ourselves a deal.


Bro you are totally missing the point. 5 star recruits aren’t signing on to reap the benefits from NIL money from a lesser-known Hanes brands (Which is in UNC’s pocket btw).

At a minimum we are going to need to be sponsored by Hoka One One


Gildan owns American Apparel. Which is a has been that was only popular for a few years a decade and a half ago.

What we need is a crypto billionaire who might sponsor Twitch streams and buy NFTs of our guys. Someone who just got lucky and has no real plan for the money and wants to hang out with the cool jocks.


No one is rocking Gildan. @WFS_HOO is right no ones getting hype for that. Hell Jordan brand isn’t a selling point for the schools who use.

But crypto now you’re talking. Miami is rebuilding their program thx to south beach crypto bros and borrowing from the rev generated by the med school. That’s a plan I can get with.


Ok, I’m cool with this.


This week I’m on a virtual symposium with the US Air Force Academy Superintendent and Director of Admissions as I’m an Air Force Reservist attached to USAFA. Was supposed to fly there on Monday, but it was moved to virtual on Sunday.

When I saw the text a few hours ago, I unmuted myself and told the 3-Star General and Colonel, along with the rest of the attendees (mostly USAFA alumni), that we stole their DC… it ruined the mood for the next 10 minutes while folks took pot shots at me telling me UVa only plays rich kid schools, should stick to drinking wine and cheese and why did we have to steal coaches from a service academy?! LOL!