2nd AAU live period

Coach Williford is down at Peach Jam this morning. He’s camping out at 16 and under games so far.

Here he is at the 8am game for the DC based Team Takeover. Guards Deshawn Harris-Smith and Jacoi Hutchison.

And now I see him in watching The Skill Factory. Pair of 2023 stud Georgia guards. Isaiah Collier and Kanaan Carlyle.


Dominick Barlow playing really well right now. No idea if Williford made his way over yet when U16 ended.

Off the Anglin train. Doesn’t do much when he isn’t hitting his shot. Of course as I type this he hits a 3 and im back on the train.


First set of games is about to start at Under Armour in Texas. Bennett is there. Isaac Traudt plays at 11:30. Great streams, just not for seeing which coaches are there unfortunately. At the mercy of on ground reports it looks like.


Annnnnd Barlow is now transitioning into “Blow Up” territory in front of like 50 D1 coaches.

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what year is Barlow? I have friends up here that know about him / from same hometown and was a HS coach in NJ

2022 but I think he graduated HS this year. Ive seen other tweets that say he is young for his class (class of 2022). Somewhere in that '21-'23 range

Yea my guy said he is doing year of Prep school. Looks like St Benedicts in Newark

Friends with Cadillac dealerships?


Or we could redshirt him 2021… just sayin lol


And then he can transfer to Wale Forest the next year


And then we use his schollie to pick up Trevor Keels anyway. Don’t see how we lose here.


Is Under Armour free like Peach Jam or you gotta pay?

Via @HoozGotNext

Williford hanging out with Calipari.


No…what Nike is doing there is pretty tremendous. Was the status quo 2 years ago. Now they’re the only free stream.


I don’t care what kind of deal he offers you Coach Williford, DO NOT buy that used Buick.


Calipari: “ don’t bother kid, your bag’s not big enough”


@HoozGotNext why is Williford at the team final game? Figured the BABC game with Luke Hunger and '23 Reid Ducharme would be where he as at.

Not everything has a purpose. Assistants are there to scout, dig up new players more than anything.


All 4 UNC coaches in house for Seth Trimble’s game. Maybe not the smartest approach with all the events going on to have 4 show up to an already committed player’s game. Unless they travel in a pack each day to different events lol.

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Dominick Barlow finished 21 pt, 8-10 fg, 5-6 fts, 3 rbs 1 steal. Was able to guard 1-5 some and played mostly small ball 5. He can hit 3s too but his team rarely feeds him on the perimeter although he had a nice slashing attack from the perimeter for the dunk.

Still very much wish we would tamperand get Taylor Hendricks to split from his twin brother and decommit from UCF.