3rd and final AAU live period

Williford started off down at Peach Jam. A pair of 2023 guards in this one. Bryson Warren for Mokan and Solomon Ball for Takeover.

Expect Bennett will pop up in a couple hours up in Indianapolis for Isaac Traudt.


Didn’t quite get the shot in time for the clean walk by look but that’s TB and Getter at Isaac Traudt’s game about to start.


Is Self shuffling behind them, trying to quickly duck and hide when they turn their heads?

That’s how he does his recruiting as we all know. Just follow Tony…


I see Williford in about to watch Sensabaugh. And I think that’s Vandross sitting next to him.


CTB the only major HC there at the moment…screw you Self

NebraskaSupreme on Twitter: “Supreme leads 37-34 at the half. Virginia’s Tony Bennett, San Jose State’s Tim Miles, Colorado’s Tad Boyle and many more watching.” / Twitter


Stream for Brice Sensabaugh’s game vs Seth Trimble and Phenom (Reece’s aau team/Wisconson players).

Brice is 5-5 from the field so far… #5 in grey

Brice Sensabaugh


Just turned on the feed.

Trimble quickly streaks for a layup. It rolls off the rim. Brice, who’s not paying attention (thinking it went it?) gets hit in the back by the ball. Trimble collects and gets the easy bucket.


Ya I jinxed him. I love how fearless he is on offense. If he’s a hoo you won’t see any hesitation on 3s or drives at all. Very decisive which is a double edged sword sometimes lol.


I like it. As long as he gets some freedom.

Also of the opinion that Seth Trimble was overrated and I take back all my criticism for not offering. I watched him a couple of times last week. Just doesn’t seem as dynamic as his YouTube clips in real action.

Edit: he’s not looking so bad rn tho

I watched him play yesterday and he was really good but he’s not the shooter you want at the 2 or the floor leader you want at the one. Can hit the open 3 though and he showed (at least yesterday) some moves that were pretty athletic.


Bruce Thornton has not impressed me from the games I’ve watched.

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the point guard for grey team? Had you not mentioned that I would have in no way know that dude was a top 25 recruit (looking it up right now). Seems more of a background player lol


Yeah, Committed to OSU. I don’t think I’ve seen him score the ball and has had a fair amount of careless passes. Solid defender but has not performed like a top 25 player.

Are there live boxscores? I’m on the EYBL website but it’s very cofnusing.

That shooter on Phenom… Offer him now. Also E1T1 coach had Sensabaugh on the bench too long

LOL at Taylor Hendricks throwing up 7 three’s.

Thanks! Looks like Ben Middlebrooks plays with Brice. Clemson commit.


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Yeah he was someone we were looking at but his sister is a tennis player at clemson so it makes sense.

Also I thought he reclassed to 2021.

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