AAU weekend thread

Lots of AAU stuff going on this weekend.


Could Trimble fit that Brogdon role we are looking for or does he want to be a pure point? A Nunez Trimble McKneely backcourt 3 years down the line would be sick

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Ok so somewhat defined transfer targets for me to snoop around 247.

Mitchell. Minnesota and Wisconsin seem to be the ones mentioning him the most. Nothing really concrete other than he’s from Minnesota and played AAU ball with Nate Reuvers at WI. Both have a need for a big but not more PT than us really

Pickett. Seems PSU and Baylor were on him the hardest. Baylor got a commit from James Akinjo yesterday so they aren’t in the guard hunt now. PSU seems to feel really good even though they landed a guard from Garner Webb the other day. Apparently the only coach Pickett follows on social media is the PSU coach.

Crickets on Coleman.


PSU official accounts following Pickett. Sounds like
That ones about done. Curious choice, they’re gonna stink next year, but guess he’ll be the guy on offense.


What a bummer. Was hoping he’d give us a look, but I still find it hard to believe any PG transfer would consider us when Kehei and Reece will play so many minutes next year.


There’s no way they play more than 38 minutes together on average.

Georgia seems like a real dumpster fire

Tom Crean is like #youbetterbe40ballbri


Offer that man Tony.


Didn’t his brother go to UnCheat?

Seems to me years ago umd had a player with that name, last


Another they’ll have to decide to go or let go on this spring. May have already let go.

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Yeah Trimble’s half brother is JP Tokoto



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Quiet game from Traudt. 6 points (2-7) 5 boards

A few Austin Nunez clips from last night. He’s #6


Is the bigman Vincent for Nunez’ team already a forgone conclusion to Baylor or would we be interested at all in him?

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Mitchell update from Minn mod. We certainly meet the criteria but would he be ok with some 4 and some 5

Minnesota just offered him a scholarship today. Mitchell does have a real interest in playing near home by his family. But he’s also a 23 year old man that has one more chance. He wants to play in an NCAA Tournament and may not want to have to play center at 6’8 yet another year. I think if a team has a five and can play him at the four some, and they are an NCAA contender, that’s what he will lean too. BUT it depends on how many of those options are out there and what value that has vs playing at home as likely the starting five for the Gophers. Gophers definitely want him

Is there a big event in Louisville this weekend @HoozGotNext ?