🏀 ACC Basketball Offseason 2024

The long summer has arrived… so has the west coast… and Texas.


The All-Coast Conference has arrived!


Don’t be surprised when Enfield starts droppin bags with that SMU money. They’re gonna get some dudes

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Yeah, how are Stanford, Cal, and SMU looking this offseason?

They ended the year 104, 120, and 72 in the kenpom.

SMU was the best of the bunch and had a bunch of seniors, but only one seems to be out of eligibility. The rest have their COVID year.

it’s been bothering me for a long time who DJ Burns looks like, this is it!



How man commercials is Big Daddy Burns shooting this week ahead of Final 4?

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Hopefully a bunch! Though I laughed a lot seeing Isaiah Collier from USC on a commercial about everything being about getting ready for March. His team was 3 games under .500!




Stanford hired Kyle Smith from Wazzu. SMU has Enfield now and oil money backing (wonder if Chuck Harris still leaves or not)


He made out like a bandit - that’s crazy!

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Woah it’s not the ACC offseason yet! State’s magic carpet ride hasn’t landed


There’s so much more that bugs me about DJ Burns that I didn’t even realize that it bugged me that I couldn’t figure out who he looks like, but damn if that aint who it is.

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Bro you have an real infatuation about the love Big Daddy Burns receives.


In the ACC tournament, when he’d get the ball and he’d pause and look at the ref as if to say “I’m about to be fouled, are you gonna call it this time?” and then proceed to put a forearm into Minors chest and/or throat, and then make the shot anyway and bitch the whole way up the court about not getting a foul called on Minor, bugs me.

That everyone ignores that he’s a walking foul and goes with the “what a smile” bullshit the tv tells them to go with (including a bunch of UVA fans) boggles my fucking mind.


I’m far less mad at Burns for all that than I’m disappointed in our coaching staff for not recruiting/developing adequate size and toughness in our own center position to either (a) stand up to a guy like Burns or (b) be anywhere near that effective when we’re on offense. Hating on Burns for finding a way to be effective (without the benefit of the word “Duke” or “Carolina” on the front of his jersey) is just refusing to admit you’re jealous and would kill to have that on our team. Especially given, ya know, Bennett evaluated and promptly passed on Burns, and instead rolled with Papi and Kadin who have turned out to be far less productive big men.


I’d add “retaining”. We had a guy who shut him down with athleticism/length and we didn’t keep him in the program. Sorry I see you addressed that … we at least had (a).

But I also generally agree that our big man recruitment and/or development and/or retention has been subpar for a while.

Heck, I still don’t understand why Minor barely played in the 1H of the season.


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You’d be spot on if you weren’t completely wrong.

So it’s ok to “find a way to be effective” (foul) if you don’t have duke or UNC on your jersey? Got it.

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Yes. If the refs aren’t going to call it, blame the refs, not the player. No whistle, no foul. The goal is to win.


I’m with @Serum114 on this. Credit Burns for his touch, passing and toughness. But, he gets the Bacot whistle now and I don’t envy it. I blame the refs for not calling the game correctly, but I think it’s fair to dislike a player who receives preferential treatment and then is rewarded in the media for excelling under a different application of the rules.

FF will be a test against Edey. Which big man gets the game called their way? That will have a huge impact.


:arrow_up::arrow_up: He said it better than I did :arrow_up::arrow_up: