ACC Basketball Thread 11/23

@HoozGotNext thinks @DFresh11 deleted the previous thread. :rofl: Can’t find it in the logs to recover it… so we’re restarting it here…

Here’s the slate for this weekend to start it off:

[123]Boston College (-7) hosts [197]Harvard (5:00, ACCNX)

[49]Clemson (-5) hosts [62]Boise State (1:00, ACCNX)
[175]Louisville (+15) vs. [17]Texas in MSG (3:30, ESPN)
[59]Virginia Tech (-16) hosts [259]Wofford (5:00, ACCNX)
[37]Miami vs. [43]Kansas State/[58]Providence in Nassau (12:00/2:30, CBSSN)
[71]Wake Forest vs. [60]St. John’s/[64]LSU/[65]Dayton/[87]North Texas in Charleston (TBD)


haha…I don’t know which one of us hit something to delete the old one. But yeah it’s gone without a trace. No big deal…was getting long anyway.


Behind the scenes at LRA
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Really intrigued to see Pitt v Florida. Pitt hasn’t played anyone but they’ve annihilated all the scrub teams. Florida looked great tonight

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Look at ND being less terrible than someone! Go ACC!

Edit - But I kinda thought FSU was better than that.


AGAIN … UNC cant shoot

Yeah that should be a good one, Pitt’s been feasting on the offensive boards, as has Florida. Florida is curiously bad on the defensive boards despite being #1 in Offensive rebounding% right now.

Would it have killed Pitt to schedule a Q1 game though?

Watched some NC State - hilarity that they have a bunch of new guards in the rotation… who still don’t pass. It’s just ugly to watch.

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Hahahahah. Was bound to happen at some point

Dear lord who gave my guy @DFresh11 keys to the car?

Someone get @jazznutUVA on payroll to get this place in shape

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Did we talk about Pitt’s Carlton Bub Carrington during our recruiting chatter at all? @HoozGotNext @Hooandtrue He is getting a lot of buzz. Haven’t seen him play yet and trying to remember if we discussed him in HS/AAU


He was on team melo with Tafara Gapare (now at Georgia Tech) and Solomon Ball (UConn) who we both gave a look to.

He seemed to really explode in the scholastic fall bball after the summer ended (I remember seeing his name pop up in a lot of tweets). I did hit up HGN cause I thought one of my dream recruits, KJ Cochran, reminded me a lot of Bub when I dove into his highlights after his first few pitt games

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Dunn, Bond and Groves currently 2nd 3rd and 4th in the ACC in WinShares per 40 minutes.

Bond 2nd
Dunn 3rd
Groves 8th

Defensive Win Shares:
Dunn 1st
Beekman 2nd

Block Percentage:
Dunn 2nd
Buchanan 7th
Reece 13th

Steal Percentage:
Dunn 1st
Reece 3rd
Harris 9th


Boston College Harvard in a battle on ESPN+.

Also Harvard has a solid DMV presence on roster and they add that Tey Barbour kid out of Manassas 2024, who was on our radar, as well.

Ivy League in general feasts on the 3 stars out of the DMV. Wonder if Ivy League also a 2 bid league this year

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Yeah this is low key an important game for the ACC.

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NCSU is just ugly basketball. No system at all. Street ball…

Fresh stay with Tennessee friends in NYC last night. We are at the hotel with Louisvilles team, they play Texas today at MSG. I might sit in at their pregame scout breakfast to see how they will (not) defend Cedric


UConn Indiana should be fun, too. But Castle is banged up, right?

Regret missing all this local college hoops, but I got family sh**. Families are the worst (kidding…)

Not a slate that will blow you away but some intriguing ACC games today.

Need Wake to beat a bad LSU team (no guarantee with their injury situation), Miami to beat K state, and Clemson to take care of business against a decent Boise State team. Three games the ACC is favored to win yet I have no confidence in anyone of late

Didn’t even mention Louisville because let’s face it not losing by 20 would be a win. Tech should handle Wofford because they’re one of the few teams on their schedule with less athleticism.


Clemson and Boise State tipping off. Not an automatic win for Clemson by any means. Boise State has made noise in the Mountain West pretty consistently. Clemson should win though.

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