⛹ Andrew Rohde - Official Thread

Little known FACTS: fettuccine alfredo was Orel hershiser’s preferred pre game meal.

Sorry, just the one fact.


ok - facts plural… Hershiser never hit a home run but did bat .356 one season.

Season 4 Michael GIF by The Office


Walking bucket and facilitator. Some of those passes were amazing! Can’t wait for November! Thanks for posting!


I’m trying to remember a player as unproven and overhyped as Andrew Rohde. Igor? Trout?



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He certainly is unproven. We don’t know yet if he is overhyped. Anxious to find out.


Is he that unproven?

38% from from 3 on nearly 6 attempts a game in nike circuit and peach jam out of HS. Strong overall first season in college including opening game vs Creighton and games vs Oral Roberts. (we’ve played plenty of teams non-conference with the same sos as teams in his league and had no one pop off like that).

My only concern is that he is most productive on the ball and will be playing off the ball for us. I want to see if he’s developed more off the ball.


Yeah, I don’t agree with the unproven tag. I get what people are saying but it doesn’t fit. Taking kids from smaller leagues who have flourished going up a level is common now. Like last year with miami and omar, he popped on film against lower competition and then was a quality player in the acc.


He has weak hair. Can’t be any good in college basketball without big hair.

I’m putting a quote together for a Navy customer and I just realized I’ve been selling Rohde & Schwartz equipment for years and it never clicked it was the same last name. Wonder if he is related?

… and also… they pronounce it ROAD-EE…


The FSO in my first unit was named Rohde and from Wisconsin - no idea how common that name is in Wisconsin.


I’ll take any freshman at the college level that averages18 ppg fresh out of high school. How many of our true freshman have ever even scored 18 points in one game against any level of competition … much less averages it for the year.

Also the dude doesn’t think twice about pulling up from Ty Land. 3 yrs of this dude … sign me up


One thing I like about Rohde is he takes probing dribbles after catching the ball coming off screens. A trait that used to be a staple of B/M that we’ve lost in recent years. Brogdon was the master of it but really only Armaan has done it with any sort of consistency in the post title era.

Rohde has gotten his pocket picked a few times doing it but I hope he maintains the idea and gets more comfortable over time rather than becoming passive like we’ve seen over the last 3-4 years


Man I didn’t think I would ever think this but…
Was last years Franklin better than Rohde will ever be at UVA?

  • 2023 Franklin
  • Any year Rohde
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Rohde. His playmaking. Hadn’t played for 9 days according to Tony and still had 6 assists to 0 turnovers.

Woulda been fun to see Armaan not at the power forward spot though


I didn’t think anyone would ever think this. I still don’t.


Franklin could single handedly lose you games on his off nights. Rohde has an off night and goes 6 assists with 0 turnovers.

This year the answer is yes but I think it’s no starting next year


I don’t know how to vote on this.

But 2023 Armaan instead of Rohde on this year’s team would have been really interesting. Armaan has a bit more of an ability to drive than Rohde and is stronger/more physical. I do know Armaan 12PPG on 37% from 3 would also be nice to have

Man Rohde’s shooting splits are dumpster right now
Field goal, 3pt, and free throws percentages all below 40