🎟 Basketball Ticket Exchange

I’ll be in San Antonio for work next week… anyone interested in tickets for NC A&T and/or Texas Southern?

Tues, Nov 14 North Carolina A&T 1900 309 Y 20 - 23
Thu, Nov 16 Texas Southern 1900 309 Y 20 - 23

Anyone happen to have two extras for UVA-Wisconsin in Ft Myers? Just saw it had sold out and waited too long to purchase.

I have 2 tickets to Texas A & M tonight if anyone is interested.

I have 4x for Syracuse… my son has a soccer tryout I have to take him to. I thought it was a night game, so I double booked. Oops.

I think I heard it is already sold out?

EDIT: My 4 have been transferred.

Sent you a message!

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Looking for three tomorrow, thanks!

I have 2 for tomorrow. Might have 4 but I for sure have 2 at this point

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Anyone going to the WF game in winston this year?

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Good to hear, definitely need the 3rd so if the 3rd and 4th become available, I’d be interested. Thanks!

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I just got tickets last week, looking forward to it!


So it looks like I have 3 or 4 ……son is sick and can’t make it if still interested

Just DM’d you, thanks!

Yes if I’m not coaching that day.
Great place to go to a game.

Anyone going to the GT game in Atl? Let a Dragon know

Short notice, but I have 3 for Syracuse today. Not great but in the house. Message me if interested.

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I have 4 tickets to tomorrows game….family still sick snd unable to attend

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Anyone have 1 extra ticket for Morgan State? Id like to take my whole family… but i only have 4 season tickets… so i am 1 short.

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I have one


Anybody need tickets for saturdays game? Have 2

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Question for anyone in the know…

When you walk in the main entrance to JPJ, if you walk straight towards the court, there is a row of foldable chairs and railing. I assume that’s wheelchair access. Directly across from that, behind the band and under the balcony, is a counter top row with bar seats. I just discovered those fantastic seats at the last women’s game.

My question is, are those bar seats actual numbered seats with ticket holders or is that just a place you can eat if you don’t feel like eating at your seat?

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