Baylor Game Thread


Great preview. As I mentioned in another thread we have to shot the 3 well and avoid bad, on ball turnovers. Baylor will play aggressive on ball D and guys are gonna have to be aggressive and decisive on O. KC has to bring his A game, I worry about him in this one. Vets need to bring it. Reece Jayden Kadin BVP need to lead this weekend


I don’t need a win, but I do want to come out of this game feeling good about our team, that we do belong.


Two other thoughts:

  • It’s a game I could see BVP showing his court vision, particularly if they can exploit some of the trapping defense Baylor throws out there.

  • Guards will need to closeout well. I’m worried about McKneely’s newness, and Kihei’s length on that front. I also think we could get really exploited if we switch a bunch, like we’ve done more of this year so far.


I think this is the 2017 Villanova game. We come out and make it closer than it should be, and raise expectations a little too high




What will be the outcome of this game?

  • Double Win (win and McKneely/Dunn get a lot of burn +maybe Leon?)
  • Win (win but no development time for the young guys)
  • Loss (loss but young guys play)
  • Double Loss (loss and no development time for young guys outside garbage time)

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FWIW y’all, I would temper expectations for this weekend. Simply competing is a good thing.

Living in Charlottesville and knowing a few coaches on various UVA teams, this week’s events have shaken a lot of student athletes badly. This will not be a normal tourney.

I’m flying out there with zero expectations and just want to support the university and the program as best I can.

Any wins are a bonus from where I am sitting.

Go Hoos.


Still standing by my prediction of 1-3/2-2 in these big 4 out of conference games. Win the ACC but end up a 5-7 seed because of the weak ACC and round of 32/sweet 16 maybe.

None of the acc schools scare me. However I would be happy with just being within 15 of Baylor and Houston.


Nice to see. If there is any coach who has experience working through a somewhat similar event it’s Drew


My prediction is this is a really hard game to predict. It would’ve been both of our first true tests even without the mess we are currently dealing with (including the missed game).

On the emotional reaction front – who knows? Way too hard to predict, and it feels a bit weird to game out the details of how that could go.

Missing a game so early in the season is less than ideal, for multiple reasons, but mostly, IMO, because the coaches don’t get to stress test any intuitions on the rotations they got from the Monmouth game. And this assumes they got any intuition at all. They may just think what happened in game #1, that was close and featured our full complement, was the right way to go. (In other words, the coaches didn’t get to stress test their intuitions and fans like me got no insight on what those intuitions were).

As far as which young guys will get burn, I actually think that mostly boils down to – Has Dunn joined the rotation or not? And if so, how/where? I-Mac is in the rotation. He’s the first guard reserve, and the only question is if he gets closer to 15 or 25 or so, IMO. I think Taine is pretty much a deep reserve (if he wants that to change, I think the limiting factor is having his jumper start dropping, not defense stuff).

I think my range of outcomes on this one (80-20 probability range or so) is 15+ Baylor win on one end, to fairly narrow UVa victory on the other. So I guess that makes my 50% prediction a comfortable / not within a possession or so, but not double digit, Baylor win. (this has been your wishy-washy HanePom™ prediction.)


I hope it’s the same in the sense that our young alpha’s revealed themselves.

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I agree that it’s tough to gage the emotional impact and how much fight they’ll be capable of. It’s hard to imagine them playing with the same joy for a while. I wonder if Reece may be triggered more than others by the loss of friends - this community helped him through his own tragedy.

I think Dunn’s going to play just because he can be so impactful on the defensive end and he’s the only player of his type on the squad (unless Bond burns the shirt). He has more blocked shots and as many steals in his one game than Taine has in his career. Almost as many assists. Dunn has to have moved ahead of him. We’ll see if Kihei and Armaan can defend well enough against Baylor, but if their guards start getting open and knocking down threes or get easy lanes to the basket, I think Dunn gets the call.


Players in blue jerseys: Reece Armaan Kadin Jayden Dunn McKneely BVP… is that our current top 7? Please dear lord.

Players in Grey: Kihei, Papi, Bond, Traudt, Taine


Yes though Kihei is in the top 8 but they need a PG to run the squad


Chase is in grey, he can run the B squad.

Off topic: I’m impressed that JWilly can tie his shoe while barely bending his knees. I have not been able to do that in 10 years. The hamstrings, man.


While impressive, I’m a little disappointed there’s no new clapping




@Serum114 Use your photoshop skills to save the world for at least one more day

What im talking about is Leon’s shirt being white instead of red

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