Big 10 proposes immediate eligibility for transfers

Bennett and most coaches are against it, at least in a blanket way, but I think it’s coming soon.

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Can confirm @dennisdoddcbs report that Big Ten has proposed a 1-time transfer exemption for athletes in ALL sports. Big Ten AD: "A majority of our folks are in for a one-time transfer. You have to adjust to the times that we're in and learn from what the history has shown us."

— Adam Rittenberg (@ESPNRittenberg) January 31, 2020
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Pros and cons. Transfer Like regular students. But athletes in sports with professional opportunities are not just like regular students as their job aspirations are not as aligned to coursework. . It will be end of mid-majors being competitive at all at tournament time. The good players will want to move to better basketball programs each year. So much for program building. It will result in major transformation in college basketball. Interesting proposal which doesn’t hurt Big 10 but will hurt mid-major conferences

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The NCAA’s handling of waivers the past few years has exasperated the situation. Nothing ticks coaches off like uncertainty over whether a player will be available. The uneven verdicts with no transparency has melted all trust in the system.

And then don’t get me started on the changes to the recruiting calendar. Shrinking what was already far too little evaluation time is going to make today’s transfer numbers look like child’s play compared to a few years from now. Again mid to low majors hit the hardest.

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Certainly this would impact low- and mid-majors the most, but given that low- and mid-major coaches can capitalize on their success by moving up, it seems fair to me to allow the athletes the same opportunity. The train has left the station on competitive balance anyway when you look at how much more money power conference schools spend on basketball than low to mid majors. I don’t doubt that this could look pretty messy at first, and I get why coaches would not be thrilled about it, but in my opinion, the benefits to the athletes to choose what situation they think would be best for them would be worth it.


Very interesting and I wonder how it might affect the game and players’ decisions to transfer

I assume this would not have any major negative effects on UVA’s basketball program?

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It’s hard to say if it would help or hurt UVA, or what to degree. Everyone would lose and gain more transfers. My guess is it would slightly hurt. Because other high majors will benefit more from players moving up from mid majors. My hunch is Bennett wouldn’t take full advantage of it. He’s extremely choosy about recruiting transfers.


It would make decisions easier for guys like Casey Morsell. Kids that may believe they made the wrong choice and leave. At least with a year sitting out a player won’t make a quick decision without real thought. A player must be 100% sure and realize the consequences for their decision. Which is sitting out a year. Now kids that are on the fence will leave because there are no consequences. It can hurt us in another way also. Lets say Reece is not happy playing behind kihei. He can transfer tu another P5 school and be a starter right away. Instead of waiting his turn. Another way it can hurt us, is this. Duke need a center and considered the number one team. But they need that center tu make their team complete. They can tell Mamadi, hey we need you. You will be our final piece for our chsmpionship run. It will help your NBA stock also. UVA is going tu suck this yr. So come over here, win and become a first round draft choice. I just used Mamadi and Reece as an example. I hate this rule. College ball will become the wild wild west. Its a dumb move in my opinion.


Yeah sounds like things could get real nasty and lots of backstabbing…In summery, it definitely hurts the mid majors, but could also hurt a school like UVA who depends on developing players over the longer term. Longer time frames for players to wait their turn makes them vulnerable targets.

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The ACC is on board.


#UVA coach Tony Bennett said he doesn't mind transfers having to sit a year: "I've always liked the way it's been. ... No model is perfect. There's always situations. That's what I'm used to and I like it but I'd want to hear what the proposals are."

— Mike Barber (@RTD_MikeBarber) February 17, 2020

This is probably fair but it’s gonna be bad for the sport. Will definitely benefit the bloods and the ‘come get yours schools’. The LSU, Washington’s of the world. It’s gonna be college basketball free agency. Sure we’ll get the occasional Sam Hauser of the world but as a whole it’s gonna help (and hurt) others much more than us.

With this all floating around, seemingly inevitable in the near future…I have to wonder will they be even more free with waivers this off-season?

Could be an interesting year for those scenarios. There’s lots of gossip that Aamir Simms might leave Clemson if Brownell is let go. From what I’ve heard, he could potentially graduate so a waiver might not be necessary. And while I haven’t heard anything about this one, I’m keeping an eye on Matt Coleman. Should Shaka be shown the door at Texas, might he look to come home and join little brother?


I didn’t know he was Chase’s brother. That is one transfer I have no problem with

But I’m not sure if UVA would benefit from this new rule. I tend to agree with Tugard on this one

I’ve seen the Simms rumor around, not sure where he’d fit though. He’s really a true 4 and would be a great Mamadi replacement, but would we slide Sam to the 3 with Jay at the 5 or let Amir play some 5 as he’s done a lot this season. On Matt, really no spot for him, need to focus on developing Reece, fraid that ship sailed in 17.

Things change a lot in 4 years. Matt loved Coach Bennett, just had no interest in being the quarterback of a blocker/mover team. Totally different equation now. And Bennett has never been one to protect playing time for a freshman. If (big if) Coleman was available, I can’t imagine UVA not trying.


I think the impact of the proposed transfer rule would be different for different sports. In football, for example, you have 85 scholarships and 22 starting positions (24 if you count punter+kicker), so almost 4 scholarships for every position. You thus can recruit several players for each position. In sports with fewer starters like basketball, however, you have 12 scholarships and 5 starting positions, so only 2.4 scholarships for each starting slot. So I see the new rule having more negative consequences for basketball than football.


For UVa basketball, however, the impact might not be as significant. We’ll definitely have some players leave, but then that’s already happened in the past with guys like Darius Thompson, Marial Shayok, and KT Harrell(sp?). But Bennett only recruits particular types of individuals and only certain individuals will be interested in UVa, so the transfer rate may be lower. Huff might be a good example. Until this year (his 4th in the program) he didn’t get much playing time at all, yet he stayed here because he believed in Bennett and in the 5 pillars.