Jake Weingarten has a blub on Caleb in his column this am


So, I imagine the questions we need to ask are, “For what is Caleb Houstan looking to find in a college basketball program?” and “Why did he decide to re-classify?”

Is he looking for a platform on which to perform for NBA executives? Or, he is looking for development? The first can be accomplished in a single year with the right program. Unfortunately, that program wouldn’t be Virginia’s, IMO. If he is looking for development, that is likely to take more than a single season. Which brings us to the second question: did he re-classify so he could get that one year of college out of the way, and move on to the NBA? Or, does he believe he has gone as far as he can in a high school program, and is now looking to further his development with collegiate coaching? I don’t know the answers. I don’t even know if these are the right questions. However, his coming decision will tell us something. I believe UVa equipped to further his development, but I don’t think it would be his best choice if he only wants to spend a year in college.


Lots of good questions there but this isn’t really one. Caleb is 7 months older than Trevor Keels. 2021 is his correct class.


Not that it Is a *bad question, as This was news to me. Thanks for that insight!


yeah no such as a bad question. I just mean it’s really not a question. Always the plan. I’m not sure why so many elite Canadian players play that game but they do. Only explanation I have is it’s meant to avoid contact from college coaches for an extra year.


Langston Wilson to Bama. Change anything with Houstan?

Don’t think so. Think Bama expected him to commit for a while plus I think Wilson tweeted or retweeted about getting ‘Caleb and Charles’. It does beg the question of how many shots all these stud freshmen are being promised.

They may be the deepest team in college basketball. They loaded up really fast!

Just saw this as well. Here’s his quote on committing to Bama:

"I’ve watched them in the past couple of years. I really like their development with (John) Petty. With him maybe coming back he’ll be a first-rounder next year, at worst-case scenario a second-rounder. Seeing how they play and what they do with their bigs especially, they just don’t have a bunch of guys that just stand around the rim and run to the rim and shoot hook shots. They’re really focused on developing their skill and elevating their game.”

The play really fast - #4 adjusted tempo last year per Kenpom

Well they must have changed their tune on where they plan to play Houstan. Otherwise I don’t see how they land all 3.

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According to his Canadian Grass Roots Program Director, he will be looking at rosters. I know these coaches will spin for themselves but this should help UVA. Yes, we are deep at wing but so are the other three. Caleb would be the highest-rated and most college-ready wing we will have potentially signed.

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