Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

Coaches were allowed to contact rising juniors for the first time starting at midnight. These reports will trickle in all week. Looks like someone on the UVA staff already had a busy late night.


Will be interesting, as always, to see how this class evolves. Still lots of dominoes to fall in ‘21, which will impact this class. Thankfully HGN is on top of it!!! :basketball:

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What is the most useful information to glean from all of this? Obviously we’re not gonna offer or be in serious discussion with a lot of these players. Are there any that stand out? Or is this early run most useful for indicating what kind of positions/player types that the staff are planning on filling

Interesting it’s all guards and wings so far, no bigs reported yet. I’ll go back to feeling good about Reid now.

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Just as a fan following, not a ton to be honest. It’s like the start of preseason. From now until Fall, the job is figuring out the right guys to recruit. This is the opening batch to sort through. People like names, and it’s useful for later reference to know who they’re looking at during live periods and such.
First time I ever heard of Ty Jerome was June 15th.


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LSU start with open bid?


Ahh someone had their coffee this morning, coming in with the fire!


yessir and I couldnt resist. Incredible information here on a topic I know nothing about so thanks squad


I tell you what I noticed. The majority are white.

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Care to dive deeper into that comment? or should we read between the lines for ourselves?

Noticed that Tu! Although any real significance other than basketball ability escapes me. Is it a perception issue of bias out there or is there actual bias in your mind?

I haven’t combed the entire list but last few hrs

Chance Westry
Rodney Rice
Ty Rogers

All not white.

My observation is Mike Young grab a top 100 lists and is dialing blindly lol

As a proud naturalized, adopted, Korean US citizen… I’m awaiting for the first UVa Asian star! :smiley: I’m going to assume TW @Merch and I are on the same page here. :wink:


Not sure if you follow Hooz twitter page but It’s been reported so far that we have reached out to 20 kids in the ‘22 class only 9 are white

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How does this work from the perspective of the players? If you’re a top 100 kid, is the expectation that you’re up half the night talking to coaches for the start of this?

Kind of like Christmas I guess.