Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

K is still a great coach. Duke is the only team TB doesn’t have a winning record against, and I believe it’s because K knows how good Tony is, and he brings his A game when the two teams play.

That said, I’m not sure at this point K is motivated to bring his A game 30 nights per year in the regular season. The 5 star/OAD model pretty much assures he’s going to win at least 20 of those 30 on sheer talent gap.

K cares a lot about his legacy, and he wants to put a lot of space between him and #2 on the all-time wins list. His current model piles up a ton of wins, without spending a great deal of time on development, and without having to worry about a rebuild every few years with guys that aren’t all 5 stars. Does anyone think at this point in his career, that K would have went 23-7 with our 2019-20 roster?


Im hearing things about Maliq Brown. There should be people up here that know more about Maliq than me. Have anyone heard anything about Maliq recently? Thanks


I’d like to see us get involved, at minimum.

Don’t know how good he is but he seems to fit the Akil / Darion / Mamadi mold. Plus he’s just down the road.

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You know, I don’t give a fuck about Duke basketball and could care less about Coach K. For God’s sake this is the greatest period in the history of Virginia basketball with more to come.


K’s a great coach. He proved his talent evaluation and coaching chops in the early years and recently he’s done an admirable job adapting his game plans to the talent he has.

He went with a zone the Bagley year because he knew a man defense wouldn’t work. Most coaches wouldn’t do that.

Also, K might give his best effort against us and coast a little in some other games, but Duke gets everyone’s best effort every night. That’s the game everyone circles on their schedule. We’re getting there, but we’re not there yet. Duke gets court stormed multiple times a season. When’s the last time we got court stormed? I think the last time we stormed the court was against Duke.


You have to give K credit with Bagley. He was a terrible defender for a guy of his size and athleticism. So K ran that 2-3 (really more of a 1-4 with one guy guarding the basket and the rest at the 3 point line). That let him hide his worst defender and keep his best offensive lineup on the floor. Many coaches wouldn’t be that innovative, heck, even Tony wouldn’t have done that.

K is a dick but he is deservedly recognized as a great basketball coach. Spare me the “great man” BS though.


There is an unhealthy obsession with talking about Coach K on this site.


I think it’s generally accepted that K is a coaching legend. However I don’t think it’s a sign of greatness to switch to a zone because his team couldn’t defend man to man. That just seems like common sense.


I think we are mostly talking about him because we *think that Keels, Coleman, DeLaurier etc. are prime examples of players that will get played or have already been played.

Here, let me end this discussion: F¥CK DUKE.

Let’s move on, shall we?


Not sure I’d include Keels in a grouping of any kind with Coleman and DeLaurier.

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Yes ,we have talked about this subject long enough. Get back to something more enjoyable and positive which is one of the reasons this site Is the best for UVA fans


Not being told what tu discuss and being allowed tu share your thoughts, is also beautiful. I never understood why people couldnt just skip post about things they have no interest with. Gard knows Im tired reading about a certain recruit and was the FIRST tu say it. However, I NEVER suggested anyone else should feel that way OR stop posting about that recruit. NEVER!!! When Tugard notice a post that is talking about that recruit or any other topic I have no intetest. I just move my fingers tu the scroll down button and use it UNTIL I see a post I have interest in reading. Now tell me whats so hard about that. NOTHING!!


I agree! Thank you Tu. We shouldn’t be made to be dictated about any discussion we want to have.


As long its respectful!


I agree but if the poster is going to go completely off topic they might want to start a new one on that subject.


Has UVa seen him live?

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How does Kaufman play into this? I like his film though reminds a lot of Sam Dekker. (Maybe a little more “forward” in him them Dekker but that’s who I thought of) I saw some drives to the bucket that I was not expecting from someone his size.

Nope. The 2022 stuff is going to get messy. Bennett takes evaluation seriously. He might feel comfortable offering an Austin Nunez who played nearly every weekend this summer against the best players in TX often on streams so good it’s almost like being there. But most of these guys we’re talking about are more like leads to follow up later. I suspect they’re going to start off recruiting the players they’re familiar with. Down the line as more are evaluated, things could change.