Coaching Carousel Thread


i highly doubt they bring in a guy with a history of ncaa sanctions after finally getting rid of miller. interestingly damon is vegas favorite with even odds but he has one winning season in five years at pacific

I didn’t notice the parallels between Bennett and Drew until I started thinking about it this morning.

Scott Drew’s a year younger than Tony Bennett, so both close in age when they won their first championships. Like Bennett, Drew took over a program from his dad and then went elsewhere to turn around a struggling program. Both took a few years to get going but they’ve both been consistent winners for a while. Both have had some early tournament exits. Both are very open about being guided and driven by their religious beliefs. Drew took over a program reeling from a murder/cheating scandal so he had a lot bigger hole to dig out of than Bennett.

There’s a lot of differences too and Drew has a hint of slime around him. In no way would I want to trade coaches. I wouldn’t trade coaches with any other school.


Brannen at UC is out

UC? Coach? Player?


He was suspended last week or so pending investigation. Long gone are the days HuggyBear could get a DUI and keep his job sUCks

I think you can still easily keep your job with a DUI, you just have to be good


Greg McDermott proves this.

tommy lloyd closing the gap according to vegas. gonzaga fans seem to think he’s gone and a few accounts have prematurely announced it but damon remains favorite


i believe miles simon is being interviewed tomorrow. currently looks like a four horse race between damon, tommy, miles, and pastner. luke walton denied interest but he could easily realize a soft landing spot would be sensible. musselman looks too cozy at arkansas to take it imo. archie miller’s name is actually on the boards too lol (terrible odds but still funny he’s on there). jason terry is a decent candidate too if they have trouble with guys higher on the list but that’s obviously unlikely given the quality of the job.

i’m guessing they’re getting lloyd. even though he’s in line to replace few, the dude could easily keep going another decade+. makes more sense for him to take this job

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if anyone on here is interested. shooters shoot


Winning does make up for a lot ask Sean Miller


Luke Walton is uh… not a good coach. At least in my opinion. Hope Arizona knows that.


pretty late with this one but i’m very interested in what denzel valentine’s brother can do at loyola. youngest hc in the country right now at 29. i’ve heard for years he’s a super bright dude.

does anyone know who was the youngest men’s D1 coach ever? not a trivia question lol i’m actually curious. youngest i can find is dane fife getting the purdue fort wayne job at 25.

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I read somewhere there are 55+ coaching changes currently. Crazy.

Jeff Jones was 28 or 29 when he became our coach. Crazy young


Yeah, I don’t know why the Kings would want to get rid of him. He’s a perfect fit for their long-term organizational goals.

Edit - The youngest D1 mens’ coach ever, in any sport, was a 25-year old tennis coach and he was a few months younger than Fife. So its probably Fife.

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This calls for a 2 year old Tony Hinkle comment to see if anyone gets the reference.