Deteriorating Twitter Thread about unimportant Mumbo jumbo … formerly known as Actual Fall Recruiting thread

Here’s the actual thread so those putzes can keep talking about golf and chess in that other thread


Nothing notable/empty content but saw Cameron Carr is liking Trey Murphy stuff on instagram. So at least that comparison is resonating somewhat. Also doesn’t hurt Murphy is balling out in general.


So, when do kids usually follow players off teams on Instagram or whatever? Thinking whether he adds a bunch of Louisville players in the next few days will be telling. That having been said, watching them lose to a DII team has to be underwhelming. I mean, sure, there’s a solid chance of earning playing time, on the other hand, wow, dumpster fire.

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Carr should troll Louisville by announcing a Top 3 that doesn’t include Louisville but does include Lenoir-Rhyne.


Of course, given their performance against Lenoir-Rhyne, Louisville has a boatload of playing time to offer Carr. :thinking:


“Come to Louisville, Carr! You could be captain of our dumpster fire!”


Just did a pod with Elijah on Jerry Ratcliffe’s show. Assume it will come out tomorrow


Important questions he answered: whats your vertical been measured at? Who do you compare your game


You going to make us wait and listen to the podcast Fresh?

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Whats the question?

Edit: dont wanna steal Jerry’s thunder. He did a really good job interviewing Eli


But his vertical has been measured at 40.5. Which is just 27.5 inches shorter than @haney per reports


I am exactly 5’8” so that checks out. (Aka 6’2” on an official roster)


Ha. I think you had said before at some point.

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He’s got some work to do if he wants to jump over me in the dunk contest. Will look out for the podcast.

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Here it is. Also on your podcast platform of choice. It’s the UVa sports themed podcast, not the fighting crime podcast. (Whitey Reid always used to tag the other Jerry Ratcliffe to be funny).


Fresh , That was very enjoyable. Elijah’s sounds like he’s a great person on and off the court. He says he can wait to get here. Well im sure i speak for thousands of UVA fans when i say i cant wait until he gets here. Man he has improved a lot from only a few months ago when his name was first mentioned until now. He has the chance to be special


Appreciate that Champ. For real.

Of course I had to tone it down a notch for a young buck. He is a great kid and I think everything I have conveyed about him has been real and mostly on point. I am really happy that a great kid like him has the opportunity to attend the University of Virginia and play basketball

Go Hoos!


It’s a wee bit off topic, but… While I have a Twitter account, I never tweet. In fact, I only use it to read recruiting updates. That said, I have no idea if any of those writing the tweets that I read have the blue badge/check mark. So, my question is: will Elon Musk’s plans to require a monthly subscription for verified accounts have any impact on the reporting associated with recruiting? If there is an impact, will there be a movement to a new/different platform to keep fans informed? Just a little curious, doncha know.

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