Dragon's 2022 College Football Picks Week 8 (Season 3)

6-6 Last week
33-25-1 Overall
@HoozGotNext Locke of the Week: 5-3

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So last week happened. It was a scramble to get to .500. A few late night Hail Mary picks got me back to .500 after a terrible start. But we are afloat and here for another run at it. Time to make some picks and make some money. I need to pay for all those Miller Lite’s I drank at Bobby Dodd last night.

West Virginia vs. Texas Tech over 64.5
Last week one of the more enjoyable games I watched all season (I missed most of Bama and Tennessee) was WVU and Baylor. The type of high scoring cluster f&ck I love the Big 12 for. Meanwhile, Texas Tech gave us a thriller in the heat against Texas and lost their next two games. However, they are averaging 30 ppg on the season and facing a WVU team that has given up 757 yards and 7 TD’s in the last two weeks. Settling in with a Shiner and enjoy the show.
Over 64.5

Clemson -14 vs. Syracuse:
I don’t have any real analysis here. The stats say the line is too big. My gut agrees with it. But I do know that Clemson is 4-1 ATS (5-0 SU) as a double-digit favorite against AP Top 15 opponents since the FBS/FCS split in 1978. What’s that mean for Saturday? No clue. I’m just hellbent on proving that Syracuse is not a good team. Last week they escaped after NC States QB went down, the Houdini’d Virginia and Purdue for wins. I’m not impressed by this club and will continue to fade them until proven right.
Clemson -14

UCLA vs. Oregon Under 70
Both teams average 41 ppg, common sense tells you this should be an easy over. But I don’t buy that. Both teams are coming off a bye week and the defenses should be healthy and well prepared. With a total that high and two good teams both offenses have to be almost flawless, and I just think someone will blink and let me sweat it out to get the under.
Under 70

Purdue +2.5 vs. Wisconsin
The Boilermakers have a chance to drive 100 miles down 65 and play in Indy for the B1G championship this year… that’s something rarely said this late into the season. Before they book their rooms in Indy Purdue has to go to Madison to take on a slowly waking Badgers team. Three weeks ago I was happy to leave Wisconsin for dead, but they have shown some life since firing their HC. History shows Wisconsin winning 15 in a row against Purdue. Which means the time is right to break the streak.
Purdue +2.5

Tulane -7 vs. Memphis:
Who’s ready for some Group of 5 action? Tulane is so under the radar this year it’s funny. 6-1 and if the expanded playoff started today the Big Green Wave would be in baby!! These two match up well on the field and I’m tempted to take the over as well here, but I’ll shy away. Tulane is 6-1 ATS this season, the second best cover percentage in FBS. They are 4-1 ATS as a favorite.
Tulane -7

Houston -3 vs. Navy
Houston is a strange group this season, I feel like none of their games go to plan. Everyone knows Navy’s gameplan triple option control the ball choke the clock. The problem is their defense is bad, especially against the pass giving up 274 ypg. When a team only needs a minute to score ball control goes out the window especially if you can’t score and keep up.
Houston -3

Oklahoma State +6 vs. Texas
Oklahoma State has been a surprise for me this season, I lost track of them in the Big 12 shuffle during the pre-season and who knows the Big 12 may be them and Texas Tech by next year this time. The Cowboys are coming off a crushing OT loss to TCU last week and need to refocus quickly to keep up with a Longhorns group that found their groove after blowing out Oklahoma. The line flung wildly it opened with OSU a 2.5 favorite and at one point they were a 6.5 dog. I think being at home the Cowboys are closer to that 2.5 fav than the 6.5 dog.
Oklahoma State +6.

LSU vs. Ole Miss Under 65
Add LSU to the list of teams that have screwed me this season. I don’t want to buy in on them. This line started at 68 and is coming down quickly, I wouldn’t touch it if the line drops even a half point from here, but I’m confident in where it’s at currently. LSU has gone under the total in four of their last five games. Also how often do you get to watch a game and Lane Kifin is the most likeable coach on the field?
Under 65


I appreciate Dragon’s full disclosures. I was tempted to go with Purdue or OK State at first look but the losing streak and line movements scared me off.

Taking the UCLA-Oregon under


I’m in Eugene for the game and it’s supposed to pour tomorrow. Under seems a good bet.


Houston? You said it yourself, they’re a mystery this year. You’ve only got a few picks per week, don’t waste one on a hunch.

OK State - I can get behind that one. Have you seen the stats on them?

  • 5-0 ATS as an underdog since the start of last season
  • 10-1-1 ATS in Big-12 play since the start of last season
  • 16-4-1 ATS against AP-ranked opponents since the start of the 2018 season.

Personally, I like BYU -6.5 against Liberty. Recent results are influencing this line. Liberty is on its back-up QB and BYU, even with a suspect defense, is a level or two better.

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Yea Houston is a mystery but if I don’t trust/test my gut some I’m not doing it right. Scared money don’t make money and sometimes I like an extra edge. Plus if I’m hurting late in the day I can always double down elsewhere. It worked last week.

I saw those stats on Ok State and was shocked. Gundy has totally flipped the script in his performance especially in these high profile games. It’s not lost on me that he’s retired much of his Air Raid offense that made him famous.

@HoozGotNext I like the UCLA Or under a lot. @zvillehoo weather forecast makes it a locke for me.

HGN, Are you serious? That was the game i picked earlier today. I’m a gambling jinx. I’ve only lost one in a row now. Believe me i can easily lose 9 or 10 in a row. I hate to take you down with me


Love College GameDay start in the dark.

Also @zvillehoo is right it’s pouring. Love the under

Locking in TCU KSU over 54.5 as well. All hunch.

Hoos ready for some football


Clemson when they saw Syracuse walk out the tunnel

kevin hart teachers GIF

I dont know thsy Iowa beats OSU but I do know if they do they’ll need a defensive TD and they just got that.

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Not to jinx things, but if we play Cuse closer than Clemson does I’ll especially not feel bad about that loss.

Cuse and Illinois are good


Cuse is good in part because they have our OC so I don’t feel that good


Syracuse is trying to poop this game away after Clemson’s starting QB was pulled for ineffectiveness. :frowning:

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Wow, Clemson goes for 2 at the 8 yd line and makes it

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That series by cuse was vintage Anae play calling

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That clock you hear ticking is the amount of time before DJ enters the portal


Houston is looking good!

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Anae has the best RB in the country and has run him 5 times today