Dream Recruits (maybe non-UVA related)

Figure a different thread may be needed to help spare the people who only check in here once every two weeks from having to sift through irrelevant stuff in the recruiting and VIP threads. Will try to keep the irrelevant stuff here instead lol.

Going to start with two entries that are not @Hooandtrue dream recruits but someone else’s maybe

I saw a UVA fan on the 247 board (rickfinhoo) talk about how his wishes UVA would recruit Jason Rivera.

Jason Rivera is currently at John Marshall in the Richmond area (Williford’s high school I believe) but was originally at Iona Prep (Ty Jerome’s school I think). Also he plays a character in Kevin Durant’s apple tv show “Swagger” which is kinda cool.

6’6 Big ball handling wing. Not bouncy by any means but a tough kid.

‘Swagger’ filming at Huguenot HS and John Marshall HS, pays $5,000 per day

Helped his team upset Columbus (Boozer brothers that beat PVI a few weeks ago). I saw Max Preps actually has John Marshall in Richmond as the #1 team in the country when you take out the Montverde/IMG prep schools. They might be the best team in the state, including PVI and Oak Hill.

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@HoozGotNext saw this kid on twitter, dove into it, and thinks he’s going to be the best portal prospect in the 2025 portal LOL

Lanky Canadian forward with stretch floor capability.


So Milicic then

LOL what? This kid has way long arms and shot blocking capability. And Milicic puts it on the floor more. Other than both being 6’10+ and white I don’t see any similarities in their game.


I remember @Collins mentioning he has watched Boogie Fland several times. Kid is a stud and will end up at either Duke/UNC/Kentucky or G League.

No idea if any of the local schools can pull the upset. Rutgers is trying with both Boogie and Dylan Harper Jr (who many think will end up at Duke. His dad even tweeted a “Duke is next” response to Tipton’s “UNC gets a big commitment from Elliot Cadeau” tweet)

Agreed. This guy is in no way the (potential) playmaker that Igor is/was/will be. Straight old fashioned BIG with range.

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My bad - didn’t watch the tape … now that I have … he’s Travis Knight.

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In my very unqualified opinion he is probably the best player I have watched from Archbishop stepinac (Including RJ Davis and AJ Griffin). Very excited to (hopefully) see him play in the ACC

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My own first entry into this.

Jaiden Glover at the Patrick School in New Jersey. Seen him listed at 6’4 and 6’6 numerous times so let’s call him 6’5. 3pt shooting wing but also a secondary ball handler. Has put up some incredible shooting numbers over the last month (Palm City tournament in Florida and Holiday Classic in New York). But he’s also pretty explosive in the open court, even if his half court game is more probing and quick hitting 3s.

He’s on the same AAU team as Christian Bliss (NY Renaissance) so there is a good chance Tony and staff check him out anyways during the spring live period. He’s a kid whose play has definitely started to pick up following the aau season. Also a kid who has a few clips of him playing on black tops which is now a criteria I look for lol. This is the kind of wing I prefer over Kon; one who can be thatd 3rd ball handler but also has the athleticism and length to be that lockdown defender while providing 3pt shooting.

Shoulda Played Hockey Hoser rated him at 5 Maple Leafs, so he’s legit.



The Simpsons Canada GIF

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Slipping Falling Down GIF


Is that a Kadin video?


Kadin wasn’t really shooting heavy 3s in HS (moreso the volume he shoots now). Like a mix of Kadin and Nate Lazweski at Notre Dame.

I was referring to the Bambi gif :crazy_face:

Oh LOL. I was imagining a 6’11 skinny dude playing hockey.

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If that guys trying to put me into the wall, I’m doing everything humanly possible to get out of the way.


Manifesting this hard today. Need Calipari to have a shitshow rest of the season after today but also be retained. Him being fired hurts our cause.


It’s gonna happen! Sheppard is destined to be a Hoo!