Florida State Preview and Game Thread

Are we monitoring whether Balsa Koprivica plays for FSU tonight? If he is out, it changes the calculus.


What’s the story on him?

Rolled his ankle before the wake game and didn’t play

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Seth Greenberg said on Packer and Durham he thinks he’ll be a non-factor due to his height even if he can play.

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Roger that. Totally missed that

Game preview:


Clark led the team in FGA in both games last year (4-12 in each), and had 9 (!) TOs dribbling into the trees in the loss down in Tallahassee.

Hope we’ve got another plan tonight.


We do. Reece


In a vacuum, those stats are reason for concern. But Clark had a much better second game. If he puts up similar stats (15 pts, 4 rebs, 4 assts, and 4 tos) we win.

FSU plays a style that is very disruptive to the things we do well, and they have the athletes, length, depth, and attitude to come at us relentlessly. Hope I’m wrong, but I fear this could get ugly for the Hoos. If we win this game, I think it’ll be a huge psychological boost heading toward March. Even if we lose, just as with the ACCT loss in 2019, we can still put it behind us while learning some lessons. Hopefully, we compete hard and keep our focus and determination until the end, win or lose.


Think this is going to be an ugly one. Will probably be a race to 55 type of situation. Probably as simple as whether Sam, Trey, Jay, and Tomas can make 10+ from deep or not.

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It was a fun game to watch last year at JPJ against FSU

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FSU is a much better offense team than defensive team at this point, so it will be a little different from the past couple of years. Historically with how they played pressure defense, I’d expect there to be elements of the Clemson gameplan present, to take advantage of any overplays. Kihei and Reece are going to have to win some 1-on-1 battles driving the ball to force some help though.

Defensively, I wonder if they will consider putting Reece on Barnes. That’s probably overthinking it, as they have liked putting Reece on 3pt-heavy guys this season (Buddy Boeheim, Jalen Cone, Kerwin Walton), so he will probably defend Polite. Trey will have to have another good defensive game if he defends Barnes.


NCAA Basketball Monday Betting Preview: Back Underdog Virginia at Florida State

(above headline from sports illustrated says that UVa is the underdog in this game.)

I think that UVa goes as Clark & Huff go. If Clark doesn’t turn it over much, shoots when he’s open and makes some 3’s, we can beat anyone in the country. But Huff has to want to shoot. Sometimes he doesn’t seem to care if he scores or not: too unselfish.

FSU is favored by 1.5

UVa opened as the favorite. But the line quickly moved in favor of the Noles.

Wanted to remind everyone that we lost @ FSU last year 54-50. In that game FSU shot > 36% from 3; they’re shooting just under 39% from 3 this year. The difference on 20 three point attempts? Less than one basket.

We’re a much better team this year - worse on D, light years ahead on O. FSU’s not as good - they’re still really solid but last year they were in the winning it all conversation. Sure, they could get hot. We’ve seen that movie - we know what’ll happen if they do. Shut down Polite from three, Hoos win.

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I think we win every game until we don’t. That’s really how Tonys team perform even if we seem down and out we have MANY times come back from the dead.

I saw FSU as a 1 point favorite when it opened.

Understanding that bookmaking is an exact science, we seem to usually win tight games. The only close losses in recent memory are San Fran, the four point loss to FSU last year, the NC State game last year, and the two point Duke loss in 2019.

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